Temperature and light extremes are similar across circumpolar countries, but comparing the waterfronts of Whitehorse and Reykjavák might reveal interesting contrasts in what “North” means.

Writing Space is a writing competition hosted by Arctica Magazine, an emerging online arts and literature publication. Writers of poetry, short fiction or creative non-fiction are invited to submit work that explores the theme of space and the circumpolar region.

What is it for you, or for your fictional or poetic characters, that matters, or that bothers, or that is unique or surprisingly mundane, in the experience of living north of 60?

Or maybe the band of inclusion has to reach further south. As the Arctica website muses, if the circumpolar world starts at the 60th parallel, “that still excludes St. Petersburg, Russia and Juneau, Alaska which doesn’t sound right.”

If you have creative writing that wrestles – or plays – with that question, the Writing Space contest might be perfect for you.

Winners in each category – poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction – will receive $200, and others will snag Arctica swag.