Yukon writers are a prolific bunch, offering a new book every month or so. For the second year in a row, Lise Schonewille, bookbuyer at Mac’s Fireweed Books, has put together a mini book fair to showcase writers who had a book come out in 2010.

“Last year I just realized how many wonderful authors we have in the Yukon and I wanted people to see them all together,” Schonewille recalls, so she’s doing it again.

From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday, December 4, you can enjoy refreshments and meet the Yukon’s 2010 authors while you add to your own library of local titles, or find the perfect gift.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find.

Lizards in the Sky

by Claire Eamer (Annick Press)

Claire Eamer offers children aged 8-9 years old the most current science in her third book of paleo-geology, including the Yukon’s ice worm, arctic fox and northern flying squirrel. Along with the easy-to-read and colourful graphics, delightful Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel add a special touch to Lizards in the Sky.

One Mush

by John Firth (John Firth/Jamaica Dog Sled Team)

John Firth is well known for his support of the Yukon Quest. One Mush follows Jamaican dog musher Newton Marshall from his humble childhood to becoming the only Caribbean dog musher to complete the 1000-mile journey through the Yukon and Alaskan wilderness in the

toughest dogsled race on earth.

North of Iskut

by Tor Forsberg (Caitlin Press)

Yukoners may be familiar with Watson Lake author Tor Forsberg’s writing in the Yukon News and Yukon, North of Ordinary. Now, North of Iskut reveals how her discovery of the wilderness around her led to her discovery of self as she learned to trap, build, and love the North in Iskut, B.C.

History Hunting in the Yukon

by Michael Gates (Harbour Publishing)

Anyone who’s an armchair historian, or loves to pick through a tin can dump in the bush, will enjoy Michael Gates’ second book, History Hunting in the Yukon. More than a retelling of Gold Rush tales, Gates revises some historical misconceptions, reveals new treasures such as the 1978 Dawson Film Find, and unearths the history hidden in our own backyards.

The Virgin’s Promise

by Kim Hudson (Michael Wiese Productions)

Yukon writer, geologist, and analytical psychologist Kim Hudson has revised Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. With the aid of still photos from current films and worksheets, The Virgin’s Promise presents a new model of storytelling that reflects women’s reality. Whether the writer in your life works in prose, stage or screen, they’ll cherish this valuable book of craft.

Tales from the Lake

by Gus Karpes (Kugh Publishing)

Gus Karpes’ self-published collection of 63 vignettes culled from his river guides and blog recalls long years on the marge of Lake Laberge. Tales from the Lake paints a nostalgic view of life when Whitehorse was a tiny community and times were simpler.

Here is Where We Disembark

by Clea Roberts (Freehand Books)

Whether you’re buying Here is Where We Disembark for a Yukoner or someone down south, Clea Roberts’ first book of poetry gives readers insight into life in the territory, combined with interpretations of people and events from our past. Even the poetry-shy will enjoy the clear, uncluttered glimpse she offers into what makes us unique.

Other titles on sale include Miche Genest’s Boreal Gourmet and Ramesh Ferris and John Firth’s Better than a Cure. Come in and find the perfect gift between two covers.