Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey lives and works in Whitehorse and, as a person who has ADHD (combination type), a learning disability (LD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and mental health struggles, he not only understands the difficulty and frustration that is often part of the ADHD journey, but he wants to help others understand too. He holds an advanced Child and Youth Worker diploma from St. Lawrence College, a Bachelor of Human Services from Griffith University, and he recently completed the ADD Coach Academy Basic ADHD & Life Coach Certification program. After 12 years of working in this field, in various positions, and running his own part-time business, Aaron launched his ADHD Life Coaching business full-time.

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ADHD & The Great Outdoors

The move a southeastern Ontario city to small & isolated Old Crow, Yukon had an unexpected positive change on my ADHD and mental health.

Welcome to my ADHD Brain

We hear ADD (or ADHD) tossed around, all the time. What does it really mean? When I forget where I put my keys, does it mean I have ADHD?

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