Allan Benjamin

Allan Benjamin is a poet, a cartoonist, a fiddle player and a snow shoe racer from Old Crow, Yukon. Allan is a Vuntut Gwich'in artist who provides cartoons and poems to What's Up Yukon. He introduces us to two sets of characters who represent Allan's family and traditional Gwich'in life growing up in Old Crow.

I’m not even an animal yet …

I’m not even an animal yet …‘Cause I’m not as strong as a grizzly bear ‘Cause I’m not as big as a moose ‘Cause I’m not as fast as a fox‘

She Mooned the Poor Bear

The lady mooned the poor bear And he bit her in the rear The bear bit the poor spouse When she went to the outhouse

Didee Didoo: Due To Covid 19

Didee Didoo: Due To Covid 19. Walmart will be closed in Old Crow Canadian Tire will be closed in Old Crow McDonald’s will be closed…

Didee & didoo:

Didee & Didoo: The caribou wades the creek in silence. Through the river, rocks and barely a ripple mark the caribou passage.

How We See Things

Odile: Look at the beautiful trees! Allan: Where’s my chainsaw? Odile: Look at the cute fox! Allan: Where’s my trap? Odile: Look at the adorable rabbit! Allan: Where’s my snare? Odile: Look at the magnificent Caribou! Allan: Where’s my rifle? Odile: Look at the cute fish! Allan: Where’s my fishing rod? Odile: Look at the …

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If you visit Old Crow

If you visit Old Crow Sadie will take you to the mall Mason will show you the traffic lights Abbie will take you on the elevator…

Old Fashioned Candy

I used to eat smarties with Stevie I used to eat jelly beans with Adeline I used to eat jawbreakers with Ernest I used to eat candy necklaces with Doris I used to eat tootsie rolls with Glenna I used to eat hard candy with David I used to eat licorice candy with Dianne I …

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