Angela Szymczuk

Angela Szymczuk is a Whitehorse-based writer and espresso-infused, news-consuming “machine” who loves the gym, boxing and spin classes, while still finding time to enjoy a Macanudo cigar, a glass of Glenfiddich 18-year-old scotch, and to ponder how she might teach her cat to scuba dive.

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A cat yawning

Toilet Training Frisky Felines

The life of a cat is a rather interesting one. They get agitated by birds, try to capture mice, are fascinated by dangling objects…


Loving The Skin You’re In

In parts of Canada, winter will soon slowly begin to make its way out, and spring will make its way in. In other parts of the country…

Sparkling Ice Wine

Cold As Ice

Nestled in the Niagara region of Ontario are many vineyards that produce some of the world’s best ice wines.

A man sitting alone with a cigarette and beer

Closing out the Year

New Year’s Eve is known to be one of the ultimate party nights of the year. But the carefree celebration does not last long.

A reindeer

Reindeer Nation

Canada is home to many species such as the beaver, the common loon, the Canada lynx, moose, wolverines—and the list goes on.

A woman performing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

The Art Of Japan

On Saturday, November 5, the Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon (JCAY) has teamed up with the City of Whitehorse to bring you Japan Fest.

A jack-o-lantern

All Things Pumpkin

The season of pumpkins is upon us. It seems this fall-favourite vegetable has a way of perfectly blending in with everything.

A movie poster for The Woman King

A Movie Fit For A Woman King

The Woman King centers around the victories and losses of the Agojie in 1823 when slave trading had reached its peak in West Africa.

A watermelon

The Durable (Water)Melon

The origin of watermelons date back as far as 5,000 years ago, in the deserts of South Africa. This melon had the ability to grow in drought-ridden conditions and to store water within the fruit; hence the name watermelon. It was a great food source for some ancient African tribes to have as they ventured across deserts. However, the taste was much more on the bitter side. Around 2000 BCE, the watermelon also made appearances in the burial chambers of ancient Egyptian royalty. In some of the hieroglyphics written on the walls of the burial chambers, the watermelon is depicted.

Thor: Love and Thunder Gives Us Much To Love

“Thor: God of Thunder” is a very-impressive title, indeed. In Norse mythology this hammer-wielding god was also associated with storms, lightning, strength, fertility and sacred groves.

No maple trees? No problem

To find authentic maple syrup, made from Canadian maple trees, you go to Richard Beaudoin. This Yukoner has taken up the task of introducing Yukoners to authentic Canadian maple syrup.

Kick up your fitness

The Elite Martial Arts Academy (EMAA) first opened its doors back in May of last year and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Students from Holy Family Elementary School wrote, performed, and produced their very own CD, entitled Songs in the Key of Learning!

Music and learning

Students from Holy Family Elementary School wrote, performed, and produced their very own CD.

Hoooo is that?

The Arctic Winter Games are fast approaching and Kechi (pronounced Kee-Chee), the snowy owl, is helping to spread the spirit of the games.

Handmade with passion

Take a drive south of Whitehorse, using the mountain range and tall pines as your guide, you will find yourself in the lovely community of Carcross. In this little hub works a very talented jeweller, Shelley MacDonald.

Warrior fit

Fellow gym heroes, this an article for you – or for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the extreme level. 
I am going to go over a circuit obstacle course that’s easy to create, but will challenge you.

Food is Medicine

Why is it that we can go on different diets, try different workouts, use a variety of supplements but still have a hard time shedding those pounds? I’ve asked myself this question a number of times, and I’m sure there are others out there who have too. Having been at a weight of 350 pounds, …

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This party is cosmic

At the end of October, the Takhini Hot Springs, a short 30-minute drive north of downtown Whitehorse, will be turned into a hub for astronomy lovers. The Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS) will be hosting its first annual Star Party from October 20 until October 26. The week long event will feature multiple presentations, stargazing, and …

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Sorcery, Swans and Love

For a cosmopolitan afternoon in downtown Whitehorse, head over to The Old Fire Hall for a screening of Swan Lake, performed by the internationally acclaimed Russian ballet company Bolshoi Ballet. The film will be shown on Sunday, October 1 at 2 p.m. as part of the Yukon Arts Centre’s Performance in HD Series. In the …

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Shape it: Burpees

Burpees are not something that I used to include in my regular workouts at all. I probably would have never come to know this awesome exercise along with its many variations, had it not been for my friend and burpee queen Mariela Burkett. Burkett, a personal trainer and fitness instructor in the lovely city of …

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Do the Berry

Cranberries are just one of many berries that you can add to regular recipes for some extra health benefits. But since we are in the midst of cranberry season, why not take advantage of these home grown berries to boost your overall health. At the shops in town and at the Fireweed Community Market at …

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How Long Can You HIIT?

Want to do something this summer that you can brag to all your friends about? Its free, requires a small space and will improve your overall health. Welcome to your new summer activity called High Intensity Interval Training – otherwise known as HIIT. The technique is inspired by the principles of German coach Woldemar Gerschler …

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A New Sparrow is Arriving

Starting July 24 and running until August 5, The Keno City Music and Art Workshop will be taking place. One of the featured musicians is Yukoner Kim Beggs. Thirteen years and five solo albums have earned Beggs a solid place among Canadian musicians. This fall, Beggs will be launching her fifth solo album, called Said …

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Canadian Red

Ever since I was a child I would see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and think, “Wow! Our national police force is beyond cool!” Today, I still think that. The Mounties definitely know how put on a good horse show and parade. Located throughout every province and territory, the RCMP are there to “stand …

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Katelyn Clark and Julie Ryning

13th Century Music

Katelyn Clark and Julie Ryning , as musica fantasia, released their first album. They stopped in The Yukon as part of the album tour.

Veganize Your Chili

Autumn is here. The Yukon experiences seasons differently than other parts of Canada do. Our southern friends won’t start gearing up for fall until the end of September, but here in the north this lovely season comes in mid-August. Currently the trees are ablaze with neon yellow – stretching as far as the eye can …

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This Parrot Delivers

Cigar lovers: get ready to drool. In the heart of Philadelphia there is a posh cigar lounge called Ashton Cigar Bar. This trendy hub spot features over 300 whiskeys and 200 top brand cigars. The atmosphere is just as decadent as the cigars, featuring gold accents and plush chairs. Ashton has prided itself in creating …

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Yukon Women Who Rock and Roll

The Yukon is home to many hidden gems. If you know where to look you can usually find what you are looking for. That includes a high-paced women’s contact sport on wheels: women’s roller derby. Whitehorse is home to the rowdy Yukon Roller Girls. The uninitiated may think roller derby is just a light hearted …

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Projectify It!

Step into the world of projection design and you’ll see anything is possible. Images can be displayed on screens behind the actors and these images can be constantly moving and changing. Even just the way lights move across the stage can create a set in itself. Different backdrops can be projected on a screen – …

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Gearing Up for Yukomicon 2017

A comic-con is an annual event where sci-fi lovers congregate to pay homage to super heroes/villains/authors/actors/producers who help bring this genre to life on the big screen/small screen and comic pages. Cities in North America and around the world host comic-cons, with San Diego being the most popular on this continent. There is typically something …

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Diggin’ It Old School

The first thing that people know about me is that I am a city girl. It’s not that I do not have an appreciation for country living, it’s just not something I could do on a daily basis. So, it should come to no surprise that when it comes to gardening I am quite the …

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Everything But the Sake

Japan is a country that is rich in history and has made quite the presence within popular Western culture. Think ninjas, samurai warriors, cherry blossoms, sushi, anime – the list goes on. On April 2 you can experience many of the wonderful things Japan has to offer at the festival hosted by the Japanese Canadian …

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Coffee and Flowers

Deep in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua grows a tobacco that has an elegant yet bold taste. Combine the tobacco from the Jalapa region with other tobaccos from different areas of Nicaragua and you get a lovely cigar called Casa Magna Colorado. Created by Manuel Quesada Jr., whose family been making cigars for a century, …

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Explore, Dance, and Learn

February is known as Black History Month, March is known as Women’s History Month. In the Yukon, January could be known as Yukon History Month. The MacBride Museum in Whitehorse is launching a new event called Night at the Museum, set to start on Jan. 27. Contrary to the name, this event is not screening …

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A Puff of Humbug

I have read A Christmas Carol many times, but I can’t seem to recall is if Ebenezer Scrooge smoked a cigar or a pipe, or even smoked at all. Perhaps Mr. Scrooge (prior to his ghostly visits) would have been too penny pinching to splurge on a box of nice stogies for himself. And after …

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Seeds of Cuba

The Christmas season is upon us. For cigar lovers, this is a perfect excuse to indulge and order up a nice selections of stogies. For those who live in Whitehorse, there happens to be a store where you can get the best cigars Cuba has to offer. In the heart of downtown on Main Street …

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A Northern Tradition

Each year, Whitehorse ushers in the Christmas season by lighting the gigantic evergreen tree on Front Street, a parade along Main Street, and Santa arrives – mukluks and all. We even have our own name for this glistening annual event- Winterval. Every year Winterval combines the magic of Christmas with the creativity of the arts. …

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Mush It Forward

Marathon runners spend a lot of time and dedication working towards being the best runner they can be. Countless hours are spent in the gym, running on a track, doing specific exercises designed to enhance their performance. With sled dogs who race it’s no different. The Yukon Quest is a very long race and as …

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Liquor Meets Intellect

How are tea pots made? What are the origins of cartography? Do bears dream during hibernation? What do we really know about the sundog phenomenon? Unusual questions, perhaps. But the answers lie somewhere out there. Now, there is an inquisitive event which caters to the curious crowd, called Drunken Lectures: The way high school should have …

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A Little Bit of Brazil

Different types of tobacco are grown throughout the beautiful country of Brazil – each with its own special taste. The good people at the CAO cigar company thought this was something worth commemorating. Thus, the CAO Brazilia cigar was created. In recent years, CAO created Brazilia Carnivale as a follow up. Unfortunately, I was not …

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Warm drinks, cool tunes

During the late 1600s, over 2,000 coffee houses existed in London, England. For a country whose popular culture is associated with tea, it is remarkable to discover that London had such a earnest affair with coffee. Aside from the warm beverage, the coffee houses were places where people of intellect would discuss ideas. If you …

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We Can Change

Whitehorse director and playwright Arlin McFarlane strives to captivate. She has developed a unique, one-actor play about our ability to change our lives around thanks to neuroplasticity. The play is about a young girl who is prone to self-destructive behaviour and seeks the help of a scientist. The scientist uses principles of neuroplasticity to help …

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Hobgoblins, Skulls, and Warlocks

While the chip and candy industry churns out boxes of treats for the kids, there lies another type of treat adults can enjoy at Halloween: creepy cigars. With names like Insidious, Exorcist, and Warlock, there is a niche market of cigars with freaky name. First, the cigar called Insidious. Line this cigar up with the …

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Alaska Haunting

Wherever your travels take you, there is bound to be a place that has a ghost living in the shadows. England has the ghastly Tower of London, Romania has the mysterious Hoia Baciu forest, Japan has the eerie Hanging Ruins… Just over the border in Alaksa, our American neighbours have their fair share of haunting. …

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A Buffet of Freaky Treats

Halloween parties for the mature crowd can’t simply offer a feast of candy and chips. We have issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure and the adult palate to keep in mind. Luckily, there are many healthy party snacks that can be served. Here are some ideas. For a sophisticated-but-creepy appetizer try black caviar. Grab some …

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The future is now

The Yukon Rendezvous Society is throwing a Halloween dance party again this year, and the theme is Back to the Future Part II. The trippy concept is that in 1989, when Back to the Future Part II came out, our man Marty (Michael J. Fox) time-travelled to the future and landed in 2015. And now …

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Giving Churchill’s Brand a Try

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known for being an avid cigar smoker. Among his favourite brands were Romeo and Juliet, and Camacho. In fact, six years ago, a Camacho cigar that belonged to Churchill was estimated to be worth between $1,500- $,2200 by the auction company Christie’s. The company Camacho Cigars was founded in …

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Romeo vs Alec

We may never know what started the infamous feud between Shakespeare’s  Montagues and Capulets, but I can tell you the nature of the feud between Romeo and Alec. The Romeo I refer to is the cigar brand Romeo y Julieta, and Mr. Alec hails from the Alec Bradley Cigar Company in America. Alec Bradley has …

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Wanted down south

Summer may be drawing to a close, but there is still a great music festival that you can catch. Taking place in Victoria, B.C., the Breakout West festival takes place Sept. 17-20. The festival has been going for 13 years strong. It started as the Western Canadian Music Awards. Now the performances have broken away …

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The (Tom)boy is back in town

The term tomboy usually refers to a girl who has “male”interests, and has a preference for “male” clothing. You know, the type of girl who likes to wear sweats, plays soccer with the guys and wants be an auto mechanic. That was then. Now, gender fluidity is becoming more common. Some people don’t even want …

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Cuisine for a cause

Off the southeast coast of Africa lies the beautiful island of Madagascar. While the children’s Madagascar movies paint a nice scenic picture of the island, there are serious issues taking place. Rachelle Czerwinski was born and raised in the northwestern region of Madagascar and now lives in Vancouver. She left the country in 1984 when …

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The Right Kind of Shaggy

For some reason I just can’t seem to stay away from the Gurkha’s. When I first started enjoying cigars about 8 years ago, Romeo y Julieta was my starter brand. Over the years my curiosities swayed between different brands. But this past summer, Gurkha has held my constant attention. This is probably because there are …

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The Darker Side

Yes, TV and movies in colour are enjoyable and entertaining, but there is something about black-and-white film that sparks intrigue – especially the genre known as film noir. In my opinion, the acting in these films was perfect. You didn’t have to endure a team of B-list actors, cheesy plots, or special effects gone wrong. …

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Porter for Your Stout?

The year is 1720.  If you just touched down in London town, you would see a bustling city with ships docked at each port. If you were a male looking for work, you might have considered the popular porter trade. With London being on the banks of the Thames River, ships would come and go …

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Promethean Influence

How good is your knowledge of Greek mythology? Yes, we all know about the heavy hitters such as Zeus and his Olympian brothers, Poseidon and Hades. We may know about Gaia and Demeter and others whose names have landed a place in popular culture. But what about Prometheus, the god of forethought, who created mankind …

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Firepower on Parade

In 2012, Environment Yukon issued a report on hunter satisfaction in the territory, based on a survey of over 810 licensed hunters. Participants were asked their opinions on a wide range of topics, including the permit hunt process, clarity of hunting rules, hunter education, hunting conditions, and hunting practices for various game. It is evident …

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Going for the Beat

As the famous Alice Cooper song says, “School’s ouuuuuut for the summer!”  But for kids of various ages whose passion is music, classes are set to resume next Monday, when the Yukon Summer Music Camp begins. The week-long annual event offers instruction in a wide range of musical forms and styles, for students of varying …

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An Orange Dog

National Hot Dog Day approaches on July 23. Those who celebrate will most likely be found grilling hot dogs on the barbeque or over a fire. Die-hard hot dog lovers may opt to make their own. In the Yukon there are opportunities to experiment with local game recipes. Regardless of what you use to make …

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The Lone Star State

Howdy. We all know how things are “bigger in Texas”. Alec Bradley knows it. The American cigar company has been producing cigars for 20 years. With over 15 varieties to choose from, Bradley has quite the following. This year they decided to display a tongue-in-cheek attitude and created a cigar called Texas Lancero. A Lancero …

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Royal for Royal

Let’s talk Gurkha. No, it’s not a new language, but given all the variations it has, it very well could be. Gurkha is a brand that’s been making cigars since 1887. “Gurkha” refers to soldiers from Nepal. During British colonial occupation, the soldiers would make cigars when they weren’t engaged in battle. In recent years …

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More than just music

Meet Jordi Mikeli-Jones — a renaissance woman. She is the owner of the popular Triple J’s Music, Tattoos and Piercing. She is president of Kona’s Coalition, a non-profit organization that works towards improving animal welfare in the Yukon. She was the first female resident DJ in Whitehorse, and she is the founder and promoter of …

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RVing in the YT

Earlier this year, at the Toronto Interior Design show, the Cubitat was introduced. This lifestyle cube is 10’ x 10’ and features a bed, bathroom, kitchen and television. All you need to do is hook up water and power and you have yourself a compact living space. Smaller living spaces have become increasingly popular. Now …

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The Emperor and Me

Peep this — the word cigar comes from the Latin word cicala, which means “large insect”. When the Spanish started discovering cigars in the 1700s, they turned cicala into cigarra, since cigars resembled the shape of a cicala. The French put their spin on it and called it cigare, and by the 1800s the English …

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Tykes for Chickadees

Whoever said learning can’t be fun has never been part of the Chickadees program in Whitehorse. Designed for toddlers aged between three and five, this pre-school definitely puts the cool in school. At this joint kids get free playtime, story creation, painting, crafts, fieldtrips, and the ever-sopopular circle time. If these perks aren’t enough, there …

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A Swing Through Jazz History

Jazz has come a long way over the decades. What started as a call-and-response song though the cotton fields of the south, has now become an uptempo beat familiar to most. In edition to its evolution, it has sparked the creation of many sub-genres: Latin jazz, classical jazz, funk, b-bob, acid jazz, and vocal jazz, …

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Colour and a Straight Edge

Whitehorse is a town of natural beauty and diverse niches, and quite the opposite of global hub, New York City. Not everyone is caught up in high fashion comas, there are no large bright billboards in the centre of town, and financial institutions are housed in small banks instead of blocks of skyscrapers. When it …

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What’s In This Library

Spring is approaching — it’s time for all those with a green thumb to enjoy the warm weather. The garden season in the Yukon poses challenges, but those who know seeds and soil manage to pull through and enjoy the bounty of the land. Common amongst the garden culture circle is the planting of vegetables …

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Spice, Earth, and Barley

Welcome to the cigar lounge. Last time we were here, I paired a CAO Italia cigar with Glenfiddich scotch. Today, the cigar of choice will be a Cusano 59 in a preferido vitola, from the Dominican Republic, accompanied by a mug of Miller draft beer. Usually seasoned cigar smokers like to have coffee, whiskey, rum, …

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Puppets, Comedy, and Gore

Whitehorse has an awesome art scene. This month, The Guild will try to make it more awesome when its production of Cannibal! The Musical hits the stage. The play, which is based on the film of the same name, has been circulating North America for over 15 years, to rave reviews. The story is centered …

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A Trumpeter’s Perspective

Hiya, my name is Ed, and I am a proud trumpeter swan. I’m eight-years-old and grew up in the Red Rock Lakes area of Montana, USA. Although I am American, I consider Canada to be a second home since my family and I migrate through there every year. My wife is Lily. We have four …

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Perfect End to the Evening

It’s 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. After finishing a delicious lamb dinner, the perfect end to the evening is found in the billiards room. So down into the basement I go, past the laundry room, sewing room, workshop, and into my richly decorated destination. To the left is the bar. Glasses made of Austrian …

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The Technical Side of Things

Jim Holland knows music like nobody’s business; not only is he a musician, he’s also an accomplished sound technician. Over the next few months Holland will be teaching full day courses from a series called Capturing Sound. Courses will take place at Holland’s studio, Green Needle Records. Sure, we all hear music on the radio and …

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Swing to Sound With Pie

Many of us were introduced to dessert combined with music was through Tchaikovski’s Nutcracker. Imagery of Spanish chocolate, sugar plum fairies, lemonade waters, and a kingdom of sweets delights viewers while the orchestra plays on. Fast forward to the present day — another combination of dessert and music can be found in Whitehorse. Simply titled …

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How Does Your Burl Grow?

Deep in the woods, mysterious trees grow. They have a deformity that makes them more valuable. No, the dark arts are not at work, but rather the magic of Mother Nature, and the growth of burls, roundish outgrowths in trees. Most burls are found in hardwood. Once the burl is split, unique artistry stretches from …

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Winter Folklore

The dances are coming. On January 31, Skookum Jim’s annual Folklore Show will take place at the Yukon Arts Centre. The vibrant show will feature many First Nation dances and songs. Doris McLean, of Carcross/Tagish First Nation, is now the vice president of the friendship centre, but she was the program coordinator for 30 years. She enjoys …

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The Road Frequently Traveled

Yukon artist Nicole Bauberger has decided to take on quite the challenge. She is working on a project called Get Here From There, which will depict Canadian roads from one coast to the other. Bauberger will be driving across the country, stopping along the way to paint scenes. While some artists prefer to photograph and then paint, Bauberger plans …

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An Artist of All Trades

She sculpts, paints, sketches and makes jewelry. This talented Yukoner goes by the name of Heidi Hehn. Some of you may recognize the name from her various raven paintings. When I first arrived in the Yukon two years ago, the first thing I noticed at the gift shop was the famous painting of a pick up truck …

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In Bloom for Christmas

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens / Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens / Brown paper packages tied up with strings / These are a few of my favorite things.” So goes the delightful Christmas song. For Whitehorse florist, Crystal Rose, Christmas is more chaos than delight. The P.E.I. native opened her shop, …

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Making of a Queen

If you thought royalty was something found only in Europe, check again. In the Yukon, February ushers in a new breed of Queens for the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous festival. However, becoming a queen is no easy task — because there is much to learn and prepare for.  One aspiring candidate is Whitehorse resident Brittany Mai. Originally …

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A Tough Nut to Crack

Nuts are a staple product come Christmas time. The Nutcracker ballet is a staple theatre production, too. Combine the two and you have yourself a merry little nutcracker soldier man. But where on earth did the nut-cracking device originate? Believe it or not, it goes back to pre-historic times. Ruins of stone nutcrackers go far …

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Coffeehouse Folks

Twenty-five years ago, the Folk Society of Whitehorse (FSW) began as an event for people of all ages to enjoy. Today, it is on a roll — hosting monthly events. Paul Davis is the president of FSW, but he admits that he can’t do it on his own. “ We have about 20 volunteers, which …

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The writing is on the plant

The Yukon is known for its vibrant fireweed; it’s used to make jelly, soap, and artwork. For Yukon-based artist Helen O’Connor, fireweed provides material for artistic paper. But the Yukon’s official flower is not the only plant she grinds to a pulp. The art adventurer has also used grass, clover, and even flax to make …

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Craft Boss

The Yukon is known for its craft fairs. From Dawson to Faro to Teslin, each community has its own craft niche. But when you get to Whitehorse, the niche transforms into something almost limitless called Spruce Bog. Entering its 39th year, Spruce Bog continues to grow. With its humble beginning at F.H. Collins, before moving …

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The Beauty of Nature Sliced 19 Ways

Rows of evergreens, crystal blue lakes, majestic mountains, and an abundance of wildlife are all found along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. The road is an alternative to the Alaska Highway for those travelling south through B.C. from the Yukon/B.C. border, just west of Watson Lake. For Jackie Ziehe, the Stewart-Cassiar served as inspiration for her latest …

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It’s Your Story

The Open Pit theatre company is scouring the territory for stories.Genevive Doyon and Jessica Hickman are two playwrights, actors, and founders of Open Pit who are collecting yarns about what it means to call the Yukon home. They want to talk to anyone. Next spring, after transcribing and compiling the stories, Doyon and Hickman will …

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Salmon in the Morning

When a gate opens to fresh Alaska King salmon, you simply must walk through. There are many types of salmon, but Alaska King is always a treat, and I recently had the pleasure of finding one in my possession.In the late hours of one afternoon, my future mother-in-law was finishing up at the office when a …

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Whirlwind of Yukon Flavour

It all began with fireweed pepper jelly. I did not know such a thing existed, but I am very glad I discovered it. I arrived at Rivendell farms at 6:00 p.m. for the Feast of Farms, the closing event of the Yukon Culinary Festival. As I made my way across the parking lot, I was …

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Cake, Baby

“Let them eat cake”, is the famous saying, attributed to Marie Antoinette. After all, what could be a more delightful thing to do? For Heather Anderson the answer is, decorating cake; but that doesn’t mean just any decoration. She likes large, multi-tiered, three dimensional, packed with detail, in-your-face cakes. For this decorator, no request is …

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A Foodie’s Dream Come True

Birch syrup, fireweed jelly, juniper berry shortbread, and low bush cranberries are a few of the ingredients that will rise to the occasion for the Yukon Culinary Festival. Among the festival events is the Tastes of Whitehorse food crawl, beginning July 31 at 5:30 p.m. It will encompass the tasty delights of five local restaurants …

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Ukes of Hazzard

Beware of Hazard

At the moment, the Ukes have a steady gig at the Dirty Northern Bastard on Wednesday nights, opening for The Midnight Sons.

Yukon Athletes are Prepared to Dominate

Vancouver had better be prepared. That’s where the Yukon is sending 24 Special Olympians, ages 13 and older, to compete in the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games — our largest team ever.  Janine Peters is the Chef de Mission for team Yukon. She oversees training, makes sure the athletes have everything they need, and coordinates …

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12 Hours of Art

The first Whitehorse Nuit Blanche arts festival takes starts on July 5, and runs into the wee hours of July 6.  The event is modeled after the famous Nuit Blanche festivals that take place around the world.  Whitehorse’s version will showcase five Yukon artists. There will be sculptures, video installations, origami, dance, music, and workshops. …

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Let’s Get Experimental: Vanier Catholic Secondary School students compete in canada-wide Science Fair

This year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair took place in Windsor, Ontario from May 10 to 17, and representing the Yukon were three Grade 8 students with a zest for innovative science. Sophia Ross, KC Mooney, and Isabel Magsucang were selected as finalists to compete in the fair. Competition from the rest of Canada was stiff — …

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Maternity Time

Giving birth is never an easy task. Nothing is guaranteed to run smoothly, and a lot of patience is required of everyone involved. Amidst all the chaos that may ensue in the delivery room, the maternity ward nurses are there to make the birthing process as comfortable as possible. Nurses play an integral role from …

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A Soup of Many Flavours

Keith Kelly (aka Teddy Bear) turns out over 1,000 servings of soup each week for the many bingo players at the Elks Lodge on Hawkins Street. Although he was retired, Kelly couldn’t pass up the opportunity of running the lodge’s kitchen. “I got bored sitting around doing nothing and thought it would be something fun …

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Protest and Psychedelia

The Sixties are making a comeback in Whitehorse this week, complete with musicians ranging from Pete Seeger to Led Zepplin. On May 2 and 3, the Whitehorse Community Choir will offer its take on hits songs of the 1960s in its Songs of Peace and Protest concert at the Yukon Arts Centre. Choir director Barbara Chamberlin is …

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Making Change in Hostile Conditions

A Yukon labour leader and two other Yukoners recently joined forces with two human rights organizations on a mission to help improve conditions in south-west Guatemala. Steve Geick, president of the Yukon Employees Union, was part of a 12-person team that visited Guatemala from March 21 to April 4, under the auspices of Guatemala’s Campesino …

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Real Life Guitar Heroes

The Classically Yours concert series will feature the world-renowned Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGC) this week in Whitehorse. The LAGQ has been performing its soulful music all over the globe for the past 34 years. This will be the group’s first time in Whitehorse, and quartet founder Scott Tennant couldn’t be more thrilled. “I am super excited …

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A Question of Sustainability

A past, present and future look into environmental issues affecting Yukon waters The Yukon is known for its sparkling rivers and clear lakes; however, this has not always been the case. Pollution and the effects of global warming have taken a toll on Yukon waters. It’s only been in the last decade that preventative measures …

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Touching Bass with Yukon Friends

Jazz Yukon is delivering yet another one-of-a-kind show next week. On April 23, Toronto bass player George Koller will perform alongside Yukon percussionist Ken Searcy and muti-instrumentalist Daniel Janke in a concert dubbed George Koller: Jazz Reunion. It has been decades since the three musicians have played together. “I have been trying for quite some time …

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Swans Return to Their Second Home

April marks the glorious return of thousands of swans to the M’Clintock Bay area of Marsh Lake. This year is particularly special because it marks the 20th anniversary of Swan Haven Interpretive Centre, the facility that has been designed to help humans get a good look at the spectacle – without disturbing the migrating birds. …

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Films from the Out-side

The Yukon Queer Film Alliance are hosting the third annual film festival OUT North this weekend at The Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse. The eclectic festival delivers a variety of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-related films. “The first OUT North was in 2012,” says festival co-producer Debbie Thomas. “We take it a tiny bit at a time and try …

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Come On and Take a Free Ride

What do you get when you dump 38 truckloads of snow and ice at the doorstep of Yukon College? A 28-foot-high ice slide that’s fun for all ages. Marco Paquet, a multimedia student at Yukon College, is the brains behind the structure. “I have two children (a two-and-a-half year old daughter and a 13-year-old son) …

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An All Night Art Affair

Nuit Blanche is coming to Whitehorse for the first time. The concept behind the all night art project is to showcase live art installations throughout downtown Whitehorse, turning the city into a single art exhibition. The first Nuit Blanche took place in Nantes, France in 1984. Helsinki became the second city to host one, in …

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An Invitation for Arctic Youth to Speak Out

Environmentally conscious youth now have an opportunity to participate in an international virtual conference. The Arctic Coalition Council is hosting its first conference, called Breaking the Ice, to address social, economic, and environmental issues in Arctic regions. Youth between 15 and 30 years old are encouraged to represent the Yukon’s interests. The Yukon College will …

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What it Means to be Two-spirited

In some First Nations, two-spirited people are a common part of the history of their culture. Will Roscoe, for example, writes in the book The Zuni Man Woman (1991) that two-spirited people have been documented for centuries in over 130 North American tribes in every region of the continent. The term refers to homosexuality or …

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Northern opry pairs budding musicians and seasoned pros

Get your cowboy hats and boots ready: this year’s Northern Opry Project is fast approaching. The concert first arrived on the Yukon scene last year, causing a stir among country music fans. This year, the Opry, which takes place on Dec. 20 and 21, promises to be bigger, showcasing the talents of more than 40 …

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Rocking to Roll: Gordie Tentrees plays benefit concert for Paralympic hopeful Jessica Frotten Dec. 1

Whitehorse resident Gordie Tentrees is giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his 10-year music career. On December 10, the blues-rock musician is performing a benefit concert called Speedraiser for Paralympic hopeful Jessica Frotten at the Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse. In 2009, Frotten, a Whitehorse native, was the victim of a …

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Vancouver Jazz Quartet Swings Through Whitehorse

If you’re in the mood for some up-tempo jazz, then Cory Weeds might have the answer. On Sunday saxophonist Weeds and his quartet will be performing at the Yukon Arts Centre. The performance will feature special guest Steve Davis, a New York City trombonist, and will include songs from Weed’s current album, Up a Step. …

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Bound for Warsaw: Yukoner Scott Bradley serves as youth ambassador at United Nations Climate Summit

Dawson City resident Scott Bradley will be hooking up with 15,000 delegates from around the world next week to discuss climate change. Bradley has been invited to participate in the 19th annual Conference of Parties (COP19) in Warsaw, Poland from Nov. 11 to 22. It’s a conference hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on …

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A Queer Look at Life

Rae Spoon is not the average musician. The transgender musician has become a household name in Canada’s burgeoning queer music scene.

Making Music to Make Change

Regardless of genre or gender, music has the ability to capture the interest of an audience. This is a concept that 15-year-old Emily Ross is applying to her own concert production, called Because I am a Girl. “Music sums up feelings better than words,” Ross says. “No language unites people, but music appeals to everyone.” …

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