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Gray Matters Columnist Barry Waitt is a transplanted big city guy, having moved north for the love of a Yukon woman,exploring the land and his options in semi-retirement. Barry is one of five contributors to What's Up Yukon Column Grey Matters.

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Senior versus Snowmageddon

This is not a “fish tale.” I heard accounts of snowfall beyond normal, but there was “factual” info to confirm the enormity of the situation

Western New Mexico

From Mogollon Cliff Dwellers to Geronimo and Billy the Kid to this author, we have all made our mark on western New Mexico. Well, maybe I haven’t made a mark on western New Mexico. But western New Mexico has certainly left its mark on me. 

Staycation, Yukon-style

It was COVID-19 and the timing of the lifting of the restrictions that brought my daughter Rebecca and I together to go to Dawson.

Getting closer to the end

Let’s face it–being a senior means being closer to the end. That is, we are closer to death. When I was born, life expectancy for a Canadian male was 72 years. Now it’s 80. Medical science is forever making advances that push those boundaries and will challenge the inevitability of death. However, in 2020, to …

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A play on words

In January 2019, the United Nations (UN) declared 2019 to be the International Year of Indigenous Languages. This was meant to increase awareness and spur actions to promote and protect Indigenous languages around the world. According to the UN, an estimated 6,700 (or 40 per cent) of the world’s languages are in danger of disappearing. …

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Dementia and getting past the stigma, Part 1

Dr. Andrew Kaegi lives in Whitehorse and he has dementia. Talking with Andrew and his wife, Susan Rae, it became clear that the impact of dementia on a person, as well as how each person initially reacts to the news, can vary greatly from one individual to the next.

Spice up you January with some variety

If you feel a strong connection to the Yukon and you like variety and fun in your entertainment, or if you’d just like a good excuse to hire a baby-sitter and get together with friends on a cold January evening, you could check out Nakai Theatre’s Pivot Festival 2020.

Teslin students win national award

hàtìnas.àxh Community School won 2019 Canada’s Coolest School Trip. A photo essay shares Tlingit culture & promotes Tlingit language.

Ready, Set, Howl will visit Whitehorse for a show on Oct 10

Norman Mervyn Barrington-Foote is bringing his own unique combination of music, comedy and puppetry to Whitehorse for a Halloween-themed show on Oct. 10, 2019 at the Yukon Arts Centre. Music, costumes and Halloween are all part of Ready, Set, Howl.

Yukon Gardens continues to grow

Facility expansion has made winter growing possible Growing up in a small town in Saskatchewan, and during his high school days, no one knew Lorne Metropolit’s name. But they did know that he was Mac Metropolit’s son and he did good landscaping work. So, he was known as “Mac’s son” and if anyone needed a …

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Edmonton Eskimo fan-atic

My dad became a season ticket holder for the Edmonton Eskimos (EE) in 1959. I cannot say when he first became a loyal Eskimos fan, but I can tell you that the association of my father with the EE was indelibly imprinted upon the hearts of all those who attended his memorial service in 1981. …

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Hours of sunlight

Whitehorse Sunrise at 10:51 a.m. My wife and I were in Mazatlán, Mexico earlier this year. The timing of the sunrise and sunset got me thinking about the differences in the Yukon and what effects this might have on people.  In Mazatlán, the length of the day on the summer solstice is just over 13.5 …

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Fifty years of Rotary in Whitehorse

The Rotary Club of Whitehorse has been serving the city for 50 years and it is time to celebrate and acknowledge its history and accomplishments. As a service organization, Rotary is well-known in Whitehorse, what with the annual Rotary Music and Dance Festival and Rotary Peace Park. It may be helpful, though, to understand the Rotary …

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Food security in the North

Local food production and sourcing has become an important component of our food supply, like the potatoes harvested here at the Yukon Grain Farm in 2017 What was the last conversation you had with your best friend? If there is one topic that people like to talk about it, it is food. We talk about …

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This isn’t any regular pop-up

There’s no doubt things are popping with Klondike Kettle Corn. The small business went from selling a few bags of kettle corn at the 2010 Fireweed Community Market to having the product available at local grocery stores, gas stations, fundraisers, parties and via popcorn subscription box. For Katie Young (aka Katie Popcorn), it involved moving the …

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A spark in the spring

What happens when the fire is out and the cat is rescued from the tree? Look no further than the Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society (WFCS) to find out that when the job is done, they just keep helping people. The society is an extension of what firefighters do while on the job, but it gives them …

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The reluctant senior citizen

When I was first asked if I wanted to join the talented group of writers at What’s Up Yukon and contribute a column that would provide a perspective as a male “senior,” I thought, “I don’t know. I don’t feel like a senior. I don’t even like to admit that I am a senior.” These …

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