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Becky Striegler

Learning to Fly

Jonathan Henkelman lies on his back on a yoga mat, legs lifted and bent, the bottoms of his bare feet facing the ceiling. I am standing at his feet, looking down at him. He asks me to lean forward and let his feet press against...

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Little Coyote Returns to the Den

A few years ago, Teagan Johnston sat in her kitchen, her face covered in fake blood. Herhusband took the photo in their Toronto apartment for the cover of her second EP, Blood and Bones, released in 2014.When they were barely...

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Oh, Beer. Maybe Next Year?

It’s a gathering where you may sip the tingly bitterness of a pale ale, sample salty snacks from the “bacon booth” and lock eyes magically with your future spouse.No wonder tickets to the Haines Beer Fest have sold out faster...

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