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Beverly Brazier is the ordained minister at Whitehorse United Church. Shewrites sermons regularly, but also enjoys the writers' group at WUC that encourages her to expand her repertoire. Bev is one of five contributors to What's Up Yukon Column Grey Matters.

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Over  The  Water

I  submit  this  poem  as  part  of  my  own  journey  here  in  the  Yukon.  Thankful  for  living  on  the  traditional  territories…

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Ritual and Ceremony

In my world, ceremonies are a regular thing. I have the honour of leading the people of Whitehorse United Church in worship.


Long Live the Dandelion

I saw my first dandelion of the season early this month, and it absolutely made my day. I love dandelions.

Christmas ornament

Grey Matters: Christmas memories

I’ve just finished “taking down Christmas” for another year. I love the ritual; the small, silent, solitary ceremony of this dismantling.

Pollyanna-ing the pandemic

Pollyanna-ing the pandemic

What I’m writing about in this column are the benefits and blessings of technology that I’ve discovered in the last year.

The simple pleasure of hanging laundry

Of all the things I miss each year as the summer spills over into autumn, the one I hang on to the longest, and feel most wistful letting go, is laundry. More specifically, hanging clothes outside in the sun.

Dandelions and rituals

It all started with a dandelion. Funny how small things can make a difference. 
And funny too how, when I have time, I can actually realize that.

A lifetime of music

It may be an exaggeration to say that Kermit the Frog saved my life, but only slightly. It was 1971. I was 17. The Beatles sang “The Long and Winding Road” and I was deep in the swamp of solipsistic angst in the way that only teenagers can be. “Last night I was a girl …

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Aging with grace

When I accepted the call to become the ordained minister at Whitehorse United Church, I was living in rural New Brunswick. That was 10 years ago, in 2009. It may be a function of my age that it seems, in some ways, like yesterday. All the feelings associated with that decision are still quite fresh …

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Ode to Nellie

If you have a glass or cup of something handy, get it ready. At the end of this piece we’re going to raise a glass to a woman named Nellie. You might want to get a handful of penny candy too … you’ll see why. Nellie and her husband (whose first name I never knew) …

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Filling in Forms

Ambushed. Blindsided by an empty box on a sheet of paper. Later, she would remember the incident and smile, but at this moment it was as though the wound that had been healing for the last seven months had been cruelly torn open. A dentist’s drill going at her soul, with no freezing. Without warning, …

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Europe? Bring it on!

The first time I went to Europe I was on a quest, of sorts. My mission: find french fries, and cute guys. Not necessarily in that order. I was 18. It was 1972, and “doing Europe” was the thing to do. Two friends and I backpacked the summer away: Zurich (I slept under the first …

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