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Bill Polonsky

Kyle Cashen’s Immediacy Of Music

Kyle Cashen, part of the Whitehorse power trio Friend Called Five, has released a long-awaited, full-length CD of original songs under the banner of Crash the Car.A comparison, albeit unfair, to Neil Young’s Harvest album,...

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The Beat Bombshell

Do you have a good résumé?Now before you send me an e-mail looking for a job, hear me out. In this day and age a good résumé is as important as a passport.I have to admit I have a great résumé. If truth be told, I have several...

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Twisting With the Blues

As you may know, the poetry of the blues is full of metaphors that allude to acts involving one’s naughty bits. Often lyrics will allude to acts of defiance that, as in the case of Jim Crow-era America, name the oppressor...

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