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Bryce Bekar

There Goes my Life

2016 marks one of the most significant changes in my life.Over the years my hunting partner and I have sat around for days goose hunting, destroyed our boat moose hunting and had adventures that all the money in the world could...

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My phone rang at 2:27 pm. Janessa was on the other end:“What’s going on dad?”“What are you talking about?” I said.It turns out the technology I use to reassure my family that I am okay works very well to inform them when I am...

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Long Range Fad

Today there are more and more articles on how guys are shooting game from 1000 metres away; what is this teaching our youngsters?Modern technology has given us the ability to create amazing things, a 829.8 metre tall building; a...

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Tis the Season

The first few weeks of the 2014 hunting season have passed and some enthusiastic hunters were have already been on mountaintops looking for Dall sheep. Others were, and  maybe still are, are scouring the valleys and ridges for...

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We’re Not Out Here Shopping

Every time you pick up a magazine you can read how this guy did this and that guy shot that, but it takes a bit of humility to talk about the times you didn’t get anything.Is there ever such a time to call it quits?Our...

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