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Wild Pursuits columnist Bryce Bekar is member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada, the Outdoor Writers of America, Wild Sheep Foundation and the Yukon Fish and Game Association. He believes that outdoor men and women are the key to keeping our environment safe and enjoyable for generations to come.

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It’s All In The Sign

When the animal you are tracking comes into question, just keep walking … You can clearly see the difference in the poop.

There Goes my Life

My hunting partner is the best. I know we’ll head out on more adventures, but it may be a while. Hayley is graduating & heading to law school.


My phone rang at 2:27 pm. Janessa was on the other end: “What’s going on dad?” “What are you talking about?” I said. It turns out the technology I use to reassure my family that I am okay works very well to inform them when I am not. As it should. She told me that …

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Long Range Fad

Better scopes, have made it so every hunter can take one of these rifles and shoot an animal from 800-1000 metres. Or can they?

Tis the Season

The first few weeks of the 2014 hunting season have passed and some enthusiastic hunters were have already been on mountaintops looking for Dall sheep. Others were, and  maybe still are, are scouring the valleys and ridges for caribou or moose. Whatever your desire is, there is a huge benefit to knowing in advance what …

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Local Angler Receives National Recognition

On October 9, 2013 Dennis Zimmerman was awarded the 2013 Recreational Fishing Award. This award, which is only handed out to a handful of Canadians or Canadian organizations each year, recognizes the dedication he has shown in the conservation, restoration and enhancement of Canada’s recreational fisheries. In the Yukon, Zimmerman is the executive director of …

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Lost and Found

In 2010, I was privileged to hunt with my 12-year-old daughter on our second successful moose hunt. We were able to get a shot at a large 64″ Alaska/Yukon bull resting in the willows, but due to the hard walking, Hayley was unable to manoeuvre through the brush with our binoculars. We found a spot …

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Who Wears the Fishing Pants?

There is a competitive spirit in our house. Every season my wife Heather and I bicker about the size and amount of fish we will catch. Heather is usually a few dozen fish up on me by the time the ice comes off, so I pull the “fish per season” card. This usually ends up …

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Time to Get Out

When I got my Nintendo I didn’t think it would have any impact on children’s lives. Twenty-three years later the computer age has brought some great feats, but it changed the way people entertain themselves. According to the U.S Department of Statistics, the average American spends 2.7 hours a day watching TV. I hope that …

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New Beginnings

It was warm for opening day of the season but I was not going to complain. My dad, Spike, and I sat in the only patch of grass tall enough to hide in. The sun was on our backs and our German Shepherd lay between us. The Hudson Bay’s tide was far out and it …

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From Community TV to National TV

When you hear the name Maximum Limit Fishing, you might expect the same old fishing show. But this is not the case for the Northwest Territories-based production. Maxim Bloudov has created a truly Northern experience to share with all. “I watch fishing shows religiously and have been fishing my whole life, 80 per cent of …

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