Carey Marshall

Carey Marshall is from Whitehorse and has lived on both sides of the mountain North of 60 for almost 50 years.

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A man working under an old car

Brawn Versus The Old Buzzard

Every muscle sprang into action, and without a single ounce of energy left for cursing, he hoisted the tranny into place.

Blue collar North: Tundra twins

In early 1970s young skiers from Finland, Sweden, more countries came the Mackenzie Delta to race the best Cross Country skiers,

Taxi sign

Misfits versus City Hall – Part 3

Contrary to the adage “You can’t fight City Hall,” we had – and we’d won. A 25c raise sounds like peanuts. The fact is we received a 33% raise

King of the Medevacs – Part 2

I argue that if Laserich had been American, I would not be telling you this story. You would have already seen it on the big screen.

King of the Medevacs

Inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame with more than 45,000 hours, 5,000 medical trips a perfect safety record

Save a Space Station for a picture

The Russian Space Agency gave it to me for helping them out,” he said. He went on to tell me how he had attracted the interest of the Russians

You talking to her?

“When you haveit flat tire, you throwit over there and you takeit spare tire from that pile. Every three days you takeit air filter out of car and you putit on dirty air filter pile and then you grabit filter from clean filter pile and putit in car. It’s your job to wash cab, you …

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Chain of demand

I arrived in Inuvik for the first time in early July 1972. What first struck me as I toured the town was A) the 24 hours of sunlight and B) how closed off the town felt without a highway. It felt like even more of a no man’s land when I looked at it from …

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No blues for this bootlegger

One afternoon, in the mid-70s in Inuvik, I was looking for some oddball thing for my vehicle. I looked almost everywhere and then I decided to go see John, a local who owned one of the taxi companies. I can’t remember if he helped me out or not, but I remember I stayed for awhile …

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Co-pilot for a day

One morning in the mid 1980s, a pilot named Fred came to my house. Since I had only met him on a few occasions at the coffee shop, I wondered why he had come to see me. After pleasantries, he explained that he had to fly to Sachs Harbour, but he had a problem. “What’s …

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Remembering a friend

I think almost everyone who was living in the Yukon at that time has probably figured out that I’m writing about Andy Philipsen. The courthouse is named after him.

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