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Curling Sweeps the Yukon

Curling doesn’t require expensive equipment. A pair of indoor shoes, a “slider” for the bottom of one shoe and a special broom.

The Cold, Beautiful Game

“Did you win or lose?” Trudging up the slope to the parking area, the girl with her skates slung over one shoulder stopped to ponder the question, twirling her hockey stick in both hands. “I’m not sure. We lost track of the score.” She smiled widely. “But it sure was a lot of fun!” The …

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Will It Go Round In Circles?

Yes, it will. It most definitely will. It also performs a slick, possibly even patented move called “The Hockey Stop”. It’s possible that some of the tourists standing along the shores of the Yukon River, last night, wondered if there is an action movie being filmed in town. Richard Bradford-Andrew, of Wild Wonders, peered over …

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Winter’s Here. Volunteer!

”It’s just a gorgeous day out there.” “Let’s enjoy it. We know what’s coming next.” Terry and I were sitting in a local eatery, stirring our coffees and looking out the window. We sort of sighed over the thought of summers past as a gusty wind pushed the fallen leaves along the sidewalk. “But Halloween …

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Take Tea on the Tarahne

ATLIN “Savoury?” A young girl with pigtails and a shy smile, wearing a frilly pink party dress, held out a silver tray to the four guests seated at our table. “Would you like a crab bite, clam in pastry or salmon-dill on cucumber?” she asked, indicating each in turn with a nod of her head. …

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Up, Up and Away From It All

There’s the “bird’s-eye view”, the “eagle-eye view” and then there’s the “flightseeing view”. Sometimes Whitehorse becomes … well, Whitehorse. The lineup at the grocery store was even longer than usual, the traffic on Two Mile Hill makes you wonder if every driver is in fact licensed to operate a motorized vehicle and one or two …

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These Old Buildings Can Talk

If you were around Main Street doing errands today, there’s a fairly good chance you visited one. If you reside in the downtown area, you may even live in one. The heritage buildings in Whitehorse are home to a wide range of services: restaurants, retail stores, offices and entertainment. And, yes, many are private residences. …

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A Taste of Beer-Making

It used to be the Chilkoot Brewery; now it’s the Yukon Brewing Company. Either way, it’s the only craft brewery that outsells Molson and Labatt in draft sales on their home turf in Canada. As the sign on the door at 102A Copper Road states, tours are at 2 p.m. (and samples are available anytime). …

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