Catherine Millar

Skiing: Just You and Your Dog

Skijouring is a fabulous winter activity for you and your dog. You both benefit from great exercise, fresh air and spending time together.

Curling Sweeps the Yukon

Curling doesn’t require expensive equipment. A pair of indoor shoes, a “slider” for the bottom of one shoe and a special broom.

The Cold, Beautiful Game

“Did you win or lose?” Trudging up the slope to the parking area, the girl with her skates slung over one shoulder stopped to ponder the question, twirling her hockey stick in both hands. “I’m not sure. We lost track of the score.” She smiled widely. “But it sure was a lot of fun!” The …

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Steppin’ Out, ‘Doggie-Style’

Tundra’s green neckerchief was at the perfect angle: avant-garde. Maddison (‘Maddie’) flounced the skirt of her Valentine’s Day dress. The jewelled buckle on the big red bow glinted. They were ready to hit the hallways. But where was everyone else? Where were Jupiter and Jed? And Summit had planned on wearing the printed pink-and-blue scarf. …

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