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Connor Matak

Tuning the Machine

Don’t mind the flashing lights and funky sounds, folks. This time machine is not the type you were thinking about.Based out of Whitehorse, their new project, Old Time Machine, blends the acoustic songwritingstylings of...

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Standing on His Soapbox

“2122 hrs… I got in about four hours ago from Perth, Australia. I forgot how long that flight is. Eleven hours. Not many people on the plane, so it was not bad,” writes Henry Rollins on his website on May 13...

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Rollin’ with the Wagons

The first signs of spring find some people in their gardens, others on their roofs shovelling away the remnants of winter. For Fred Eaglesmith and his Travelling Steam Show, it is time to “pack up the wagons” and hit...

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Keeping Their Music Playing

When beloved members of a community pass away, thoughts about how to commemorate their lives begin to be tossed around. Sometimes a bench is adorned with a plaque or a seedling is planted.In the case of Gord Polichek and Wendy...

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Truth in Falsetto

“I love all of Canada, from Vancouver to the East Coast,” Martin Sexton conveys from his home in western Massachusetts. “The Canadian fans, they buy my music, come to shows and sing-along. It’s really...

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Writing to be wild

“For me it’s becoming clear that I like the craft of songwriting and recording, but I love turning the light on in people,” says Shelley O’Brien.”They become so empowered. It’s their...

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