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Dale Cooper

Very Close to Home

Wow! Talk about your Northern content … The cover of Barbara Chamberlin’s latest CD, Of Ice and Men, is the work of renowned Yukon artist, Chris Caldwell, and the songs are about fishing, moose camp, Northern men,...

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Yukon Dancers Are Here to Stay

Jude Wong and I sit facing each other, sipping our coffees. She is nibbling on toast, and I am picking at a muffin – two food staples of dancers. We are talking about SYIDA (Society of Yukon Independent Dance Artists).Yes, this...

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Music Man on a Mission

Am I in a club, or at a rave? Am I at a funky clothing boutique down in Vancouver or Toronto?The CD, Melodic Trance Mission (the first in a series of 10 albums), by Robert Vallée, gives me that audio-sense memory. This CD has...

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‘Jill’ of the Dance

What makes dance such a passion for some that, despite the journeys of life and the different roads taken, it remains in the heart of the dancer? Jill Babala shares with us her life and love of dance and where it has taken her,...

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Tis The Seasons

Do you have a story to share about your first year here in the Yukon? Do you have a poem, a song or a silent memory? How is your life different now that you have become a Yukon Sourdough? Four local choreographers are creating a...

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