Emma Barr

Emma Barr has a main theme to all of her work - colour. All facets of the colour world are explored. Recent works include illumination with light. Trained as a mixed media major, Emma works with 2 and 3d works of art in many mediums including canvas, paint, paper, wood and now electronics.

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Emma’s Quick Guide to a safe and sound studio

The main things I consider, as a painter, are ventilation, natural light and cleanup. Ventilation is challenging in the Yukon because in the winter you lose so much heat by opening windows.

Myth Buster: Oils are too messy, toxic and expensive

Many people of all walks of life enjoy painting. Most of the time, acrylics trump oils in popularity. Children, starting out in school, are offered tempera, watercolour and acrylics. The general belief is that oil paints are too messy, toxic, stinky and expensive. While oils can get messy without guidance, they are superior in colour, …

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Not all canvases are created equal

I’d like to share what I know about canvases that are available locally. It is the most important part of your painting. It’s also known as the “support.”

On Golden Pond

It had come to a point in the day when I needed a break, so I proclaimed, “Walkies, Oscar!” He was bouncing and chomping at the bit, very eager to get on a trail of smells. Our latest favourite is over the road from us, in Crestview. I am beside myself with the beautiful trails …

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Breaking Trail

I was excited to get going on a great un-day walkabout. We hadn’t been on a good adventure for a while due to my week-long flu. During that time, the only walking we got in was to the neighborhood movie store and back. Oscar was a bit confused as to why I was in bed …

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Ridgeline Escape

It was that time again: “Walkies!” Oscar started to flip out as I pulled on my boots, pawing at the door as if to say, Come on, come on, already! We got out the door and he started pouncing at me, moving his body backwards as he did so, staring me square in the eyes. …

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Encounter at Kusawa

I had been working on a commissioned painting when I came to a challenge with the design, for the second time around. The artwork is a 36- by 48-inch landscape overlooking Kusawa Lake valley. I decided I would have to visit the area of my subject again and complete more sketches and snap a few …

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In Search of Golden Horn

If you’ve been out lately, you must have had a boost from the warm weather and awesome snow. Our last outing was absolutely heavenly. First of all, I couldn’t believe I was willing to go for a long ski with just two thermal tops, long johns and ski pants. I didn’t even feel the need …

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Neighbourhood Jaunt

I am always so amazed at how us humans get so busy. Each hour is allotted for something or someone or somewhere. Our dogs are so patient to wait for “walk-ready” humans. After quite a few days of not going for a walk due to various reasons, but really no excuse, Oscar was giving me …

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