Gabrielle Dupont

A loaded bike for a road trip

How To Bike Tour

People have been travelling long distances on bicycles since the invention of the two-wheeled  vehicle. A British man named John Foster…

A Robin

Counting Birds This Christmas

I was not sure what to expect for my first Christmas Bird Count, a few winters ago. For someone who, back then, didn’t know her birds…

Summer Fun has Begun

Look around. The birds are singing, canoes and kayaks are back on Subaru roof racks and my neighbour seems to have an urge for gardening at 11:30 p.m. These are signs of summer. It’s a change from spending much of our time inside, sipping hot tea and feeding the woodstove to living the wild and …

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The Art of Eating

Suppose you are a French entrepreneur, and you are looking for a new business idea to develop in Whitehorse. What do you do ?   For a safe bet, you stick to the old saying “Do what you know.” Entrepreneur and epicurean Sylvain Belmondo did just that. After many months in the making, the Gourmet …

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