George Maratos

George Maratos is a Whitehorse-based writer and comedian. George is one of What's Up Yukon's original 12 writers!

The Next Act

Longtime Yukon teacher Mary Sloan and rapper Eminem have something in common. They both got their careers started in Detroit’s notorious 8-Mile district. However, Sloan’s teaching environment from the beginning to the end could not have been more different. Growing up in Michigan, Sloan was just 20 years old when she began her first teaching …

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The Good Ol’ Days of Squatting

Pat Ellis first arrived in Whitehorse in the early 1950s. She was a 19 year-old art student from Winnipeg and Whitehorse was a much different city then. Ramshackle cabins and tiny derelict homes made up the downtown waterfront replacing today’s S.S. Klondike and Rotary Peace Park. The downtown riverside areas went by names like Whiskey …

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She is the face at the finish: She’s a clock-watcher

Anyone who has taken part in competitive cycling or running in the Yukon, in these past 20 years or so, has most likely experienced the typical post-race symptoms of excessive sweating, agonizing pain, rewarding sense of accomplishment and that one burning question: “Who is that woman?” Described by many as “The Welcoming Face at the …

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Play Makers: Dream North Returns For Season Two

BY GEORGE MARATOS “We came up last year a bit hesitant and $4,000 in debt,” explains Robin Urquhart, as he sips on an organic juice outside a Whitehorse café. “But the response was pretty overwhelming, the audiences really appreciated the show and were very generous and the actors also felt very welcomed,” smiles the co-proprietor …

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Play Makers: Raising an Olympian

Standing in front of the large crowd of Yukoners that had gathered earlier this month at Sport Yukon for an Olympic pep rally, Greig Bell made no effort to contain his excitement. Microphone in hand and donning a black and silver long sleeved shirt with “Yukon” splashed across the front, the long time Yukoner paced …

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Play Makers: Growing squash

Talk to Yukon Squash Pro Marie Desmarais and you quickly get the sense that a perfect world for her would be one that has every Yukoner playing squash. Her eyes widen with excitement as we chat in her office, which is littered with squash racquets, autographed photos of the world’s best players and pictures of …

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