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Glenda Koh

Jan Ogilvy’s interest in a maligned monarch

A particular hobby has been occupying historians for hundreds of years, including long-time Yukoner and history enthusiast Jan Ogilvy. The pastime she shares with thousands of people around the world is unraveling the truth about Richard III, former King of England, now dead some 535 years.

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Cake and Comrades

If Pinterest is to be believed, we might be raising children who expect a real live unicorn to come to their next birthday party.Do they even know how much a live unicorn costs? Imagine the hours it will take to source...

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A Passion for Preserving

If you love the gentle pop-pop-popping of a jar lid, you might just be a home canner.For Michelle Christensen-Toews, it’s one of the many satisfying things about preserving food.“You only hear it as you’re clearing up. You’re...

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