Hiedi Irvine

What Once Was ‘Lost’

Kevin Barr’s first solo album, Lost and Found, may have taken only eight days to complete, but it has been years in the making. “It’s called Lost and Found because it really is: there are a lot of tunes that may have been lost to many people, but I have found that when I play …

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When Metal and Music Collide

The Kung Fu Aliens (KFAs) are neither sifus or from outer space; they’re simply five guys who like to have their metal and punk worlds collide. After one musician switch, the band is now made up of bassist Mckenzie Grant, lead “screamer” Mephistall, drummer Fletcher DeGraff and guitarists Chris Ermatinger and Derek Wyatt. They’re currently …

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Round 3 for Varietease

For those who think there aren’t enough events in the world encouraging attendees to participate and get (un)dressed and wear (in)appropriate clothing, there’s Varietease: A Burlesque Carnival. The first show, Varietease: A Burlesque Cabaret, was held last year with the second show happening shortly afterwards, Varietease: The Remount. This time around, it’s a burlesque carnival …

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One Piano, Five Woodwinds

Whitehorse Concerts brings Lynne and Julian Greenwood — and the music from 2002’s comedy-drama, Catch Me If You Can — to Whitehorse on Jan. 23. While Lynne’s talents include performing all five woodwinds, her passion is the saxophone, which she has been playing for “many more years than I care to admit. “Let’s just say …

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