Ian Parker

Weaker Than Our Resolve

BY IAN PARKER Playing over 20 cities from east to west to north, in less than two months with multiple gigs in most stops, is a gruelling test for any band. But if the Rolling Tundra Revue has been a slog, it hasn’t dampened John K. Samson’s enthusiasm for the journey. “It’s been great,” he …

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‘Fat-Tire Fever’ Is a Winter Illness

“When, oh when, can we ride again?” Fat tire bikes make unrideable surfaces – unrideable without hike-a-bike & colourful language– rideable

Thank You for NOT Racing

If you were trying to invent the best sport in the world in terms of potential for mass appeal, what would that sport look like? Would it be outdoors? Involve some moderate sustained activity? High on the social quotient, but low on the competitive one? It would probably involve beer. If this sounds like your …

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Team Yukon Fuel and the Whitehorse Food Bank

Gettin’ the dirt while rippin’ some dirt. “Hey, Bill. You riding tonight?” “Yup. Easy hour and a half. Chadburn area. Come along?” “Let’s do it! Can we make it a rap-and-ride ’cause I want to interview you for my What’s Up Yukon column about the whole BC Bike Race/food bank project.” “Uh … OK.” (Forty-five …

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Whitewater and Wedgies

I can’t make this look good. I’ve just stepped out from the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club’s (YCKC’s) wooden change room wearing neoprene booties, baggy board shorts stuffed into my vintage ’80s short-legged wetsuit with orange stripes down the side, a puke-grey paddling jacket, a purple PFD and a black kayak “sprayskirt” that flares boldly, …

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Transcendence for Newbies

Yoga, Part 2 Sabu Chaitanya has something that I want. I’m not really sure what it is: it’s that gleam in his eye; it’s the peaceful energy that radiates from him; it’s how expressive he is – even though he uses few words and English is clearly his second language. It’s all of these things. …

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The Triathlon for Non-swimmers

I wish I learned how to swim when I was a kid. I took lessons, I even earned some of those little coloured badges that my Mom sewed on my Incredible Hulk speedos, but they were mostly earned for “not drowning” – doggy paddling, treading water, floating on my back and stuff — all things …

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Life in the Aquafit Lane

My friend Jeff once annoyed a woman so much that she splashed water in his face. They were in the Canada Games Centre pool at the time. Jeff was calmly swimming some laps when it happened, so this naturally triggered a few questions, such as: “We’re both already wet – what are you going to …

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Tee-ing Off On Disc Golf

I really wanted to make fun of disc golf. I think it has to do with my past experience with the only other disc sport I have ever played: Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimately, I expected to run joyously around on a grassy field unhindered by sidelines, referees and other tiresome trappings of organized sports, while chucking …

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Surfing the Sky

It was my understanding that there would be no math involved. I’m kneeling on frozen Lake Laberge with Jim Welsh from Kite Yukon, and he’s drawing a diagram in the snow with his mittened hand. There’s talk of vectors and angles, half-spheres and other terms that give me flashbacks to my high school math futility. …

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