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Jaime Hanna

Dog House of Straw

Once again, we are at the beginning of another long Yukon winter.For new dog owners, it may also mean that it’s time to get a doghouse ready for the colder weather.There are several options when a canine shelter is...

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When Porcupine Attack

Dogs do so love to frolic in the woods. Treeing squirrels, digging holes, eating nameless morsels of who knows what … and sometimes playing with porcupine. Now as most people know, touching one of those quilled creatures...

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To Breed or Not to Breed

I have been asked a couple times lately for my opinion on the breeding suitability of certain mares. I’m no expert, but I thought I would offer up some thoughts on the subject. Now I know how easy it is to simply say,...

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Mixing Dogs with Oil

I had a request to put together some information on which oils can be used to supplement a dog’s diet to improve their coat and skin quality.For those of you who have never heard of giving your dog oil and are wondering...

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The Chicks Will Love You

Spring means chick season. It’s the time of year for ordering and receiving baby chicks here in the Yukon. In fact, I will have already received my first batch by the time this paper is released. In our sometimes...

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