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Freelance Writer Jason Westover is a father and comedian who currently lives in Old Crow, Yukon.

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Be afraid … be very afraid!

As the days grow dark and the cool air settles in, Yukoners begin to turn their attention from campfires to pumpkins, embracing the spirit of Halloween. The City of Whitehorse bristles with spooky events for all ages. One of the largest and most-sought-after Halloween fixtures is the annual MAD Haunted House, presented by the Music, …

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Serving laughs straight from the oven

The Whitehorse comedy scene is on a roll as of late. One of the events that has helped cultivate this resurgence has been Baked Laughs, the stand-up nights presented monthly at Baked Café.

The Winterlong Podcasting Co

On March 24th the Winterlong Brewing Co. will be slinging more than beer when they play host to two popular Los Angeles based podcasts.

A weekend of laughs

The Yukon stand-up comedy scene can be fickle. Some years comics will perform to packed houses that turn people away at the door. Other years, not so much. Whether it’s a lack of comics, audience, or both, northern life can bring a number of challenges that make live comedy difficult to maintain. Richard Eden, George …

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Stand up for Stephen McGovern

On March 9, Yukon comic Stephen McGovern will be gearing up to take the stage at the Just for Laughs Northwest comedy festival in Vancouver. The 10-day event beginning March 1 offers a wide variety of shows that highlight Canadian and international comedy. McGovern makes his Just for Laughs debut performing in The Outsiders Comedy show, which …

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The Birth of the Yukon Comedy Collective

The Yukon is about to get a whole lot funnier if Richard Eden has his way. Relatively new to the territory, Eden is the president and creator of The Yukon Comedy Collective – a new non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to providing top quality comedic events, activities and hospitality by exposing outside and homegrown talent as …

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Debaters Bound

Whitehorse comedian Jenny Hamilton will be performing live on the CBC Radio One show The Debaters in North Vancouver on Nov. 22

All the world’s a stage

Morris, an improv teacher and artistic director of The Paper Street Theatre company in Victoria, B.C. was giving a talk at a TedX event in 2012 about “The way of Improv,” much to the audience’s delight. In the crowd that evening was Shahin Mohammadi.

The fear is real…

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creepy strolls through dark spaces with ghouls and goblins festering around every corner, perhaps it’s time to head to The Guild Hall in Porter Creek, as the Guild Society is preparing to scare the wits out of you at its annual haunted house of horror. The event …

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Murderously Funny

This Halloween season The Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) will present Butt Kapinksi at The Old Fire Hall, an interactive comedic murder mystery set in the style of a classic film noir movie. The show’s creator and star, Deanna Fleysher, slips into the gritty shoes of private eye Butt Kapinski as he endeavors to solve a …

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Welcome to the outhouse

I’m not saying my daughter Emily is soft when it comes to roughing it.  She just happened to have spent her first three and a half years living in the total comfort of a warm bed, running water, and the ability to flush her business down a toilet anytime she wants. That all changed last …

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Puddle Jumping at The CGC

My daughter Emily just completed Puddle Jumpers. It’s the first of a six level swimming course called the Little People Program. The lessons are offered at the Canada Games Centre (CGC) for children, ages three to six. She was all smiles when she came home after her last class with her progress report card, indicating …

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Vacation’s Over, Kid

Recently my wife and I went to Mexico. Rather than bring our three-year-old daughter, Emily, we decided to fly my mother from Quebec to take care of her. Emily doesn’t get to see her grandmother too often so we knew a week with “Nana” would be one of spoiling, late nights, and treats. Which is fine. …

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It’s All About the Candy

Our little apartment in Old Crow is in full Halloween mode; my mom mailed up decorations, and our crib is sporting the spooky colours, orange and black. It’s the first year that our daughter Emily is kind of grasping the concept of taking candy from strangers. The last two years, I basically made her my …

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Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, B A B A, Start

If you’re in your mid-thirties like I am, you may remember watching one of your parents playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. Back the ‘80s, controlling Mario was so intense that most moms and dads whipped the controller up in frantic excitement every time Mario jumped. Back then they just didn’t get it.

Serendipity Happens?

The other day I let my daughter Emily watch Tim Burtons’ The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. She has developed a keen interest in skeletons, and even though the movie may not be for children under three, I decided to play cool dad, and threw it on. As soon as the opening song, …

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Jay vs. the Terrible Twos

Living in Old Crow is not for everybody, but it does have its advantages.  It’s a quiet town with good people where you can enjoy the scenery and live at a slower pace. The rest of the world is far away, and if you can get by without the allure of “urban treats”, then you’ll …

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The Big Gwich’in Gathering

From July 21 to July 25, Old Crow had the distinction of hosting The Biennial Gwich’in Gathering (BGG), an event that began in 1988 in Arctic Village, Alaska. The gathering serves as a meeting place for the Vun-Tut Gwich’in People to talk about the issues of the day, reflect on the past, discuss the future, …

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Welcome to the John Tizya Centre

 For anyone who finds themselves in Old Crow with time on their hands, I suggest strolling to The John Tizya Centre. It’s “downtown”, just off the banks of the Porcupine River. This quaint heritage center opened in 2008 after many years of planning, searching, and acquiring Vuntut Gwitchin artefacts from museums around the world. The …

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Great changes are moments that define your life. In an instant the axis of your world spins, and you have no choice but to see it through. On December 28, 2013 at 11:13 am, my world tilted. My father, Andrew Westover, died.  I had been under the weather for a while, but on that fateful …

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Poopin’ Ain’t Easy

“Please… Please… Pretty Please! I’ll be your friend.” I admit I’ve said this to my 28-month-old daughter, Emily, as she sat playfully on her potty, supposedly trying to “pee-pee”. I know she already went, because her diaper is warm and squishy, which leads me to ask myself, did she pee before or after I told …

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Kramer of the North

Robert Postma knocks on our door, comes in, and asks me if I have any butter.  I say, “Careful with it, it’s like gold to me.” Postma replies, “Don’t worry, I‘ll replace it when I go to the store later.” I’m fine with that—if he doesn’t go I’ll get my butter rations back in other …

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The Trouble with Stop-and-Chats

There is an episode on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David is walking down the street with his manager, Jeff. They pass a man who recognizes Larry and slows down to speak to him. Without missing a beat Larry says, “Hey Ray,” and keeps walking. Jeff asks Larry if he knows Ray. Larry: He works at …

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Old Crow Welcome

Next Stop: Old Crow

At the Old Crow Airport Joseph said, “Let’s get on my ski-doo and get the cargo” My face said,“Sure,” my brain “Dude! It’s -40°C”

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