Jeane Lassen

Pigeon Tales

Although I was once a Sesame Street aficionado, I lost touch with the show right about the time my younger brother started kindergarten. It’s a shame really because that’s when Mo Willems started script writing and animating for the popular television show. Honestly, since I have read Willems’ work, I am tempted to go back …

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Olive, The Other Reindeer

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a Christmas classic TV special and one of the most played tunes during the festive season. If you are reading this article now, I am assuming you are no longer wet behind the ears and that you have been exposed to several songs with lyrics that sound like one thing …

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Reading: Not Just a Fad

If you’ve worked with young children for close to three decades like MaryAnn Annable-Roots has, you’ve seen a lot of tears, laughter and runny noses. You’ve also seen your fair share of fads. Decades ago, children were enamoured with Star Wars figurines. In my day, He-Man and She-Ra were the rage, then Pokemon blew that …

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