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Jeffery Mickelson

My Korean Belly

Preserving and storing your summer harvest is a skill that every good cook, whether home or professional, should have.As much as I love to have my homemade condiments in the pantry at my disposal, I find sometimes you have to...

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Sage Wisdom

Late June and through July is pretty much the height of our wild vegetable and herb season. Strawberries are finishing up, raspberries are starting to get ripe, with blueberries and cranberries to follow.In the nettle patch,...

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Who Cut The Mustard?

Although it may seem out of reach, making your own custom mustards at home is actually quite easy and very rewarding. Once I figured out proper proportions and technique, I’ve never bought grainy mustard from the store...

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Smiling Bears Keep Me Awake

At this time of year, a flood of heart-shaped boxes, roses and freaky-looking smiley pink bears stare me down in almost every shop I enter.The image of the bears laughing and throwing chocolates and roses at me stays with me...

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Put Your Shoulder into It

All over the world people are doing crazy things with meat and fire. I mentioned in my April 21 column that barbecue, as most of us know it, is more than what it seems.We Yukoners love bbq, but seem to trade in complexity for...

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