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Jeffery Mickelson

Put Your Shoulder into It

All over the world people are doing crazy things with meat and fire. I mentioned in my April 21 column that barbecue, as most of us know it, is more than what it seems.We Yukoners love bbq, but seem to trade in complexity for...

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The Pig Out

I had the house to myself this evening, so I thought I would indulge in a little smoked pork.I don’t normally get that excited about loins, but in this case, the pig was young and insanely tender. The whole loin was only...

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A gift of moose is great, but a dinner of moose is even better!I recently acquired a little stockpile of my old friend “Big Horn” and have been cooking up a storm. I’ve done open-face kimchi, mayo, shaved moose...

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