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Jim Kenyon

Woof Woof Like Salmon Woof

Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Does it have a particular request for dinner, or stories to tell? Well, here’s your chance to gain some insight.On March 9, there is a workshop on animal communication instructed by...

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Thyroid Problems

One of the more common problems that veterinarians deal with involves the thyroid gland. The thyroid is in the neck and has to do with controlling metabolism.The problem is found in dogs and cats. It is probably a more common...

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So, just what is a vet?

This is the first column in a monthly series in which Jim Kenyon will answer readers’ questions about animals and animal care.As in any profession, many questions people ask veterinarians are often repeated.When I was in...

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Most Common Dog Poisons

We’ve talked about poisoning in pets several times, but since there has been a lot of interest in the subject, I decided to throw out some basic facts.First, poinsettias are not poisonous. This is a myth that actually...

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