John Firth

Landing the Cup Final

I guess that means I’m the only one left,” Ed Schiffkorn told me in fall 2009 when I called to inform him of Merv Miller’s death. All I said was that Miller had passed away. There was no need to explain why I was telling him nor did I ask what he was referring to. …

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The Gift of Sharing

It was just an idea for its time,” concluded Donna Isaak. And today, it’s still time for the idea. Even though Donna and her husband Ed haven’t been involved since 2004, Share the Spirit is still thriving for the 15th consecutive Christmas. The Isaaks had recently taken over management of the Discovery Bar, in the …

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Landing the Cup Final: Part 2

You have 10 minutes,” the International Ski Federation (FIS) representative in Lake Placid told Don Sumanik and Bjorger Pettersen. So they made the best of it. “They weren’t going to decide but maybe I could alleviate some of their concerns,” Sumanik told me in our interview more than 30 years ago. “The meetings are usually …

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Landscaping Landmark

If one takes a stroll in the hills behind Whitehorse General Hospital, they’ll find what looks like a short road that runs up the slope behind the hospital area toward and through a gap in the ridgeline. Beyond that they will notice a sort-of clearing that opens up hillsides, a small valley bottom and what …

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