Katie Zdybel

International Potluck Party

Aman with dreadlocks dangling down his back sips a New Zealand-inspired kiwifruit cocktail. He’s deep in conversation with a companion clothed in a gabbi (a traditional Ethopian tunic) who is sampling spicy peanut soup from Sierra Leone. The table before them is laid with Polish cabbage rolls, Indian samosas, and Russian beet salad. Lunch at …

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Sharing Their Roots

Kim Beggs, Jonathan Byrd and Corin Raymond were driving from Medicine Hat to Calgary when I spoke with them about their current musical tour. But their eyes were cast on the Yukon. The North Carolina-born Byrd recalls the first time he was approached about touring in Canada. As soon as the word “Yukon” was uttered, …

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The Secret Ingredient

The Iron Chef, a competitive cooking show, opens with dramatic music, a swelling crescendo of exciting sound building as the camera zooms around a dramatically lit kitchen stage prepped with shining knives, mammoth cooking ranges and walk-in freezers. The theatrical host steps out in a sharp, tailored suit and introduces the audience to the current …

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The Largesse of Yukon Art

Harreson Tanner and Serena Kovalosky have just returned from a two-week scouting mission around the territory, but there is no sign of road-weary haggardness. Instead, both brim over with excitement for their collaboration on an ambitious art exhibition that will bring the Yukon’s artistic largesse to the outside world. Best known for his clay and …

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The Joy of Drumming

The first time Lonnie Powell noticed the drums was when he was a kid at a wedding with his mom. He watched the drummer in the wedding band and thought to himself, “I want to try that.” But it wasn’t necessarily the drumming that caught his attention. “He looked so happy,” Powell recalls. “I wanted …

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