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Lara Lewis

Premium Suds

These days, if you live in Whitehorse and you like good beer, you will find yourself nestled into one of the cushy chairs at the T & M lounge, catching up on golf highlights; you go there because it is still the only place...

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What’s in a Name?

In approximately 100,000 years since we began to speak, we’ve classified and described plants. Carl Linnaeus devised a system of naming using two Latin names for each plant — binomial nomenclature — which has endured as the...

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Scottish Beer? Ay, Laddie.

The problem with being a great whiskey-producing nation like Scotland is that it becomes all you’re known for,Okay, there’s also bagpipes, haggis and Caber tossing. But Scottish beer?Do they even make beer in...

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Thanksgiving in Haines

My friends and I spent Thanksgiving in Haines this year. We thought we would catch some fish, drink some beers and see some bears.Only one of those panned missions out. The fish weren’t jumping, or running, or whatever...

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