Lauren Tuck

Rocking the Blues

Montréal native Ryan McNally has loved the blues since he was nine years old … although if you grew up in his hometown you might not know it. With a background playing in bands dedicated to hip hop, metal and rockabilly music (all the while he was playing blues on his own) it’s only recently …

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Support Your Local Sweatshop Union

Two-time Juno Award nominees Sweatshop Union is returning to the Yukon to tear up the Whitehorse hip hop scene for Canada Day. Sweatshop Union, a well-known Canadian hip hop collective, offers three high-energy performances featuring tracks from its soon-to-be released disc. “Look for some songs that you remember from videos and some new things you …

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Feeling the Light

It’s taken 20 years, but Gary Bailie has light burnt into his soul. With a background of lighting up thousands of different shows, Bailie has learned the survival skill of relying on his intuition and feeling. In an electronic age, he infuses human touch into his world of colour. Influenced by the very thing that …

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The Art of Noise

Kyle Cashen spends most of his time making noises in his basement. “I play a bunch of different instruments … if there is something around, I’ll make noise with it. “Music is noise, some of it is pretty, some of it is not,” says Cashen. “You can make music with pots and pans as easily …

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A Room Full of Music

Dean Tower has just fulfilled one of his long-term dreams: He has a room full of instruments. Having just opened his first music store, Dean’s Strings and Music Supplies, Tower grins from ear to ear as he talks about his new endeavour: “My whole life I wanted a whole room full of instruments and now …

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Rodney ‘Fritz Helder’ Morgan Returns

Rodney Morgan is building his empire. Under the name of his alter ego, Fritz Helder, Morgan has been working five years on creating a strong foundation for an empire that is growing and growing. With skills in singing, writing, producing, dance and choreography, this former Yukoner is fronting the Toronto-based pop-dance troupe, Fritz Helder and …

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