Lillian Strauss

Lillian Strauss is a Yoga practitioner, reflexologist, Thai massage therapist, movement and music teacher.

An Uplifting Experience

Do you gauge your practice by the number of poses you can add to your asana repertoire? I enjoy the back-to-basics Yoga: simple sitting, simple standing, simple walking. Baddha Konasana is just one of those basic poses. Baddha means “bound, caught, restrained”. Kona means “in an angle”. As you by now know, asana means “posture”. Cobblers …

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October is National Occupational Therapy Month

We are pure potential. The exigencies of life kicks in and a tragedy, an accident or an unexpected occurrence side-swipes us; But we are still pure potential. Those whose lives have been physically or mentally damaged can still live meaningfully thanks to over two-dozen occupational therapists who find solutions to the occupation of being alive. …

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Where Beauty Blooms in a Private Cozy Backyard Retreat

When it comes to sound design principles, solid construction techniques and appropriate plant selection, Hank and Susan Moorlag come out in aces and spades(pun intended). Both have done a remarkable amount of down-to-earth work (yeah, that was intended, too) to create a backyard garden that reflects their needs and interests. Hank, now retired from the …

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Demystifying the Myths of Fasting – a Yogic Ayurvedic Perspective

Fasting has several purposes throughout many cultures: one being religious and the other for improving physical health. Fasting methods range from eliminating certain foods to total abstinence from all foods. In the context of Ayurveda Medicine, fasting falls under the limb of niyama of tapas or austerity and self-restraint. Meditation cleanses the mind. Fasting cleanses …

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A Yukon Woman and her Wilderness Oasis

Mother Nature is rather inhospitable for northern gardeners: poor soil, short growing season, bitter winters and often difficult access to water. Undaunted by these obstacles, Judy Beaumont has developed a system of trial and error over the past 23 years that defies Mother Nature and, instead, works with her. A carpentry course taken in 1987 …

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Transforming Tears to Laughter

During a recent conversation with a friend, she told me how she cleared emotional energy during a workshop. After decades of holding emotional childhood trauma, she is now ready to release. Most people come to the mat to relax, stretch and strengthen their bodies, not to stir troubled memories. There are a number of psychologists, …

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To Prop or Not to Prop

In the early 70s, when I began Hatha Yoga at the local Whitehorse YWCA, using props was not an option. We all bumbled as long as best we could with what we had: our bodies. Eventually, I discovered that my breath was pivotal to relaxation, especially as I was a practitioner who loved to play …

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Igniting the Third Chakra

The words that come to mind when I think of the third chakra are fire, transformation, will, power, energy and control. We are all on this Earth to manifest our power. Anatomically, the third chakra is located at the solar plexus, an area between the navel and the base of our sternum where the spine …

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Yogini Heal Thyself

Within these two past days, there were two vehicle collisions. There was a murder reported. From where I’m looking, it is difficult to discern whether it is raining or snowing. That would not be unusual except that it is the last day of April. Lately, I have been feeling more like the leaning tower of …

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Seeing With the Eyes of Drishti

Homo Sapiens are predominantly visual beings. Our attention follows wherever our eyes lead us. On the mat it could be the person with the hip Yoga outfit or the fluff between our toes or the bird on the wire outside. Then we are snared. We’ve become distracted from our practice. The overwhelming barrage of magazines, …

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Releasing Through Deep Touch

BY LILLIAN STRAUSS Janelle Hardy jetted half way around the world to Australia to become a licensed Hellerwork practitioner. Her training was intense. In a total immersion setting, students lived, studied and practised together from early morning till late at night. Hardy had condensed her training to 13 months, spread out over three visits. It …

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An Evolutionary Journey of the Earth through Asanas

Anodea Judith, author of Western Body Eastern Mind, wrote that the Earth is the “universal ground for all that we do. Our bodies are the earth of our spirit, the foundation, the home. To connect with the body is to connect with the earth, to be grounded in the biological reality of existence.” Every day …

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Where Has All the Time Gone By?

Yoga is not a “one-size-fits-all” activity. A Yoga practice should reflect where we are in our life. As we age, we become less resilient.

Romancing Your Yoga Practice

In this day of scientific scrutiny, even love can be examined in the lab. The brain hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine create an emotional chemical stew. This complicated chemical mixture influences our functions that involve memories of care givers, sight, smell and, yes, love. All work together to ultimately decide how we …

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