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Western Command

Sid van der Meer is an antiquarian and a storyteller; he has many wild yarns to share with his family, friends, and visitors who come to his Bordertown Garage & Museum. One particular story he tells is how he found his Western Command military vehicle badge. Western Command military vehicles were used in the construction …

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Statu Quo resists stereotypes of adolescent angst

A Vancouver play that earned four nominations for prestigious Jessie Richardson awards (Jessies), and won the category of best script by an emerging playwright, will take to the Old Fire Hall stage next week. Statu Quo, a French-language youth play by Gilles Poulin-Denis, travelled extensively in Canada before heading to Whitehorse. It is a work …

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Ten Years of Tuesday Night Jams

On March 11, at the Old Fire Hall, the local francophone band Soir de Semaine will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their very first gig. “We played at Steve’s music store,” Marie-Maude Allard says. “The place was packed and all we had was two original songs and a few covers.” Actually, Soir de Semaine …

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Tudo Bem: It’s All Good

There is this Portuguese pastry I would kill or die for, whichever comes first: pastel de nata. The sound of it alone makes me want to catch a plane and leave for Portugal. Natas are small tarts of fluffy pastry filled with a soft-melting pudding made of eggs, sugar and cream, topped off with a …

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Sugar and Spice and … Bacon

Most people know that beer is made from water, barley, hops and yeast. The big four. If you were to glance around the shelves of the local liquor store, you might of course notice that some styles, such as Hefeweizens, are brewed with a fifth ingredient, wheat. But that’s it, right? Just those five? Luckily, …

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Yeast Wheat (But way cooler if you call it Hefeweizen)

Hefeweizens are fantastic for a number of reasons, but we would like to start off with what Rachel thinks is the most important: they are riddled with scandal and intrigue. That’s right folks. Remember when we talked about the Bavarian Purity Law maintaining that beer must be made with only hops, barley and water? Well, …

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Not the New Kid on the Block

Nobody likes a beer snob. Even beer snobs don’t like beer snobs. So, when someone wrinkles their nose at a Bud Light and then reaches for a Chimay Rouge, it’s hard not to get your back up as they start talking about yeast strains and overtones of cinnamon and ripe apricot. To clarify immediately and …

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Silly Kids Poem

How come eggs, don’t have legs? My poodles, eat noodles. Are those horns, or thorns? Lots of butter, makes me stutter. There’s a spider, in my cider. Do worms, have germs? Did the owl, growl? My goats, eat oats. Do loche, ever wash. The dragon, is in the wagon. The gorilla, has my umbrella. Are …

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Shootin’ the Brews: Skagway Edition

Last weekend, Beer Cache had the amazing opportunity to spend the better part of a day with Trevor Clifford, head brewer at Skagway Brewing Co., Skagway, Alaska. Spring-boarding from an established ribbon-winning homebrewer to the head brewer at a brew pub takes some ingenuity. Clifford has made the most of an incredibly small space and …

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Sausage. Bier. Men in Knee-High Socks. It’s Oktoberfest!

”O’ zapft is!” cries the mayor of Munich. Translation: It’s tapped! What is tapped, where it’s tapped, and why it’s tapped is this week’s story. So dig out your lederhosen, dust off that beer stein and ready your arteries for a few links of bratwurst: it’s Oktoberfest! So … what the heck is Oktoberfest, anyway? …

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Tidings of Hops and Barley

It’s the season to eat, drink and be merry with friends and love ones. So what if we told you that you could kill two birds with one stone (the ‘eating and drinking’ bit), which would just leave you with the ‘being merry’ part? As our Christmas pressie to you, we have gift-wrapped a wonderful …

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Yukon Ho! Red!

When you really, really like beer, living in a city with its very own microbrewery is a daily kind of ‘pinch me’ phenomena. So when your local brews (yet another) award winning beer … yeah. It boggles the mind. Like Gold, it is hard not to have had a pint of Yukon Red if you …

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U(wanna) Brew?

Ever thought about U-brewing? It’s just another brick in the wall of beer enjoyment, and other than the method they use for actually producing the beer (full/partial mash or beer kit), U-Brews everywhere are pretty much the same. The Whitehorse outlet, U-Brew Yukon, guarantees 44 bottles (500ml) per batch. You can purchase plastic bottles and caps …

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Look What’s Shakin’!

Attention: New beer in town. OK, so it has been around for a few weeks, but if you haven’t yet tried Delirium Tremens on tap at Tippler’s, we suggest you hightail it over there for a liquid lunch. This fantastic Belgian strong pale ale is brewed by Belgium’s Huyghe Brewery in Melle, East Flanders. Since …

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To Be a Cicerone

When I grow up I want to be a cicerone. Sigh. The above statement is true. A cicerone is the sommelier of the beer world. A lucky soul who gets to order beer for fine restaurants, recommend parings to chefs, write lengthy articles for beer connoisseur magazines and work in specialty beer stores giving wonderful …

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Skagway Craft Brew Festival Debrief

It’s official: Skagwegians know how to have a good time. We just got back from the second annual Skagway Craft Brew Festival, and it was awesome. First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who made the festival a hit: Trisha Sims at Skagway Development Corporation, White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad, the good folk …

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Tasty Bluegrass Jams

Learning bluegrass? Want to? For people in love with mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, guitar and all that bluegrass can bend into those strings, the 7th Annual Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Camp might be your dream come true. Instructors from Yukon (Deb Bergman, mandolin) to New York State (Eric Gibson, banjo) offer intensive lessons at beginner or …

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Skagway Craft Brew Festival

If you’re 21 years of age and like to kick back in the company of more than 200 beer enthusiasts while tasting a wide variety of exceptionally crafted homebrew, we may have plans for you on April 23. Oh, and did we mention amazing food and live music? That’s right folks: it’s the second annual …

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To Gas or Not to Gas?

We here at Beer Cache have just returned from a three-week brewery tour of the great craft brew state of Alaska. We were lucky enough to stroll around bright tanks, peak into mash tuns, hang out in chilled serving fridges and pull nails from barrels to sample back-room casked ales with the generous owners and …

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What Seniors Say

Editor’s Note: What’s Up Yukon asked a number of Whitehorse and Dawson residents in their 60s, 70s and 80s what advice they would give younger people about how to get the most out of their Golden Years. Here are some of their responses: “Just open that front door and get out. Don’t spend your time …

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