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Mark Beese

Camping Etiquette

Winter has released his icy grip on the Yukon, and that brings my favorite season: camping season.In early May I along with several friends pitched our campers and tents at Lake LaBerge. We lucked out and got choice sites along...

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When Less is More

I was tricked by this book, The Paradox of Choice. I was sure this book was a great marketing book. I was drawn in by a great study conducted about jam. In the first part, they sampled six kinds of jam at a food store. In the...

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The Beer Police are Heroes

A new initiative in the UK’s Somerset County this summer will ensure that beer drinkers are not getting hosed at their favourite watering holes.Trading Standards Officers will be making the rounds throughout the county...

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Playing Politics With Beer

News out of Birmingham, Alabama this month has a local consumer lobby group calling for a boycott of all Anheuser-Busch products in the Birmingham/Jefferson County area due to anti-craft beer legislation in that state.Free the...

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