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Meagan Deuling

Wicked Fit

Ryan MacGillivray has been sheep hunting for 10 years. Three years ago, he had the idea to start a boot camp for sheep hunters. He did this because he knew the participants in the camp would push him to train harder for the...

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Training Ground

Mount Sima is “the first mountain in North America to have a jump line in.”That’s what Graham Pollock says. He’s the head coach of the Yukon freestyle ski team.A jump line means a skier can take more than one jump in a row while...

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Keeping the Dream Alive

When Jolie Angelina McNabb was buried 16 years ago, Kwanlin Dün elders gave her the name, Blue Feather Eagle Woman. The Bluefeather Music Festival started in 2010 as a tribute concert to Jolie, who committed suicide.She had a...

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Learning how to Live Joyfully

Ever since she was a little girl, Teva Harrison drew. She studied art after high school. But, as it often goes, “needing to make a living, I digressed.”After the explanation, Harrison laughs. A joyful, full, belly laugh.To make...

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