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Pat McKenna

Here Comes the Sun

When winter is in its grip and snow is all around, take heart: the sun is not far away. Make it arrive sooner by enjoying some marmalade, aka “sunshine in a jar”. By this time of winter, the Klondikers of old...

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Eat (or Sip) Your Veggies!

Decreasing meat consumption (even just a little) and upping your vegetable intake can do wonders for the digestive tract.This vegetarian “Soup Pot” along with a fast-and-fragrant Corn Bread is a delicious meal that...

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Break Your Fast … F-A-S-T!!!

Morning is a great time for these muffins.Low in fat, high in flavour, calcium, complex carbohydrates and fibre, one of these with a glass of milk or piece of cheese will give you a good start to a busy day.Research shows that...

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