Peter Turner

Peter lives on a lake just north of Whitehorse, and says “I’m a ‘wine enthusiast’, not a ‘wine connoisseur’… I still have lots to learn!” In a past life, he was a wine merchant for the largest wine store in the U.S. Midwest, offering more than 4500 choices. He blames his life-long love of wines to growing up in Montreal with wine-loving parents, who let him start tasting at about age two.

Pour one out during the pandemic

Almost a year into this pandemic, we’re all dreaming about travelling again. Last summer, during the B.C. bubble, my wife and I took a road trip to explore Okanagan vineyards.

Matching Wine to Cheese Fondue

I’m always interested whether when people choose the foods for dinner first, and then select accompanying wines, or vice versa. I use both methods. Several weekends ago my partner and I hosted a cheese fondue in honour of a friend’s birthday. The recipe called for a white wine to melt the cheese. We don’t really …

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Some New Wines to Look For and Try

Since September there have been some good additions to the Yukon Liquor Corp. (YLC) shelves. October and November seem to be emerging as the wine tasting season in the Yukon. In the span of five weeks, I participated in, or organized, three events: the October Rotary festival in Whitehorse, the second annual tasting held by …

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Opening That Bottle Again

I have a confession. After encouraging friends and readers to participate in Open that Bottle Night, I remembered I had committed to attend the Rotary Club banquet where I found myself sipping the only red offered, a Jackson Triggs Merlot ($8.75). It’s a passable food wine and I will admit to it being infinitely more …

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