Canada Jays love their kibble!

The Canada Jays love their kibble!
They are especially happy when I keep them company while they eat it.

Photography: Fish Lake Rd. Marshlands

The morning sun back lit the ice fog rising from the open water in the marsh lands on Fish Lake Road during our recent -40 cold snap.  

Wildlife photos: Boreal chickadees

We have a family of four Boreal chickadees that spend their days travelling between our feeders and the nearby trees. They seem to love peanuts best, especially when it gets real cold.  Photos taken by Steve Wilson with a Nikon D7200. 

Living With Wildlife: Steve Wilson

There are a lot of eagles at the Whitehorse Landfill. I photographed an adult and juvenile perched near the entrance. Camera: Nikon D7200

Dog Culture: Copycat!

My dog Finlee AND cat Jebediah. They sleep that way a lot. Submit your pet photos to What’s Up Yukon and see them in our paper too.

Sophie at the Humane Society

Sophie makes a Humane Society donation

Sophie Stuart, age 7, saw in What’s Up Yukon that the Humane Society needed donations. She sold some of her toys and donate the proceeds.

Yukon See It Here: Staycation

A staycation for me, my wife and friends at Southern Lake Resorts. Snowshoeing along a beautiful trail.  

moon in the sky

Yukon see it here

Submitted by Michele Clark: Downtown Whitehorse, where I live. I discovered the spooky “face” in the clouds, illuminated by the moon.

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