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Barbe Yukon Columnist Rob Millar shows Yukoners how to BBQ most anything!

Is there a ‘Barbecue God’?

Possibly the most important question facing the cooking community as a whole today: “Is there a ‘Barbecue God’?” I have recently been impressed by the Indian Elephant God, Ganesha. Ganesha is often seen portrayed riding a mouse, and is the Hindu god of success and remover of all obstacles. The current insurmountable obstacles for me …

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Remember This Before You Wrestle a Pig

If you think pig wrestling is difficult, you have probably never tried cheese rolling. Last year, 19 SPECTATORS were injured at the Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling contest, apparently injured due to overcrowding. This gripping event has held visitors to Gloucestershire, England spellbound since 1826, and consists of a gaggle of earnest competitors that pursue rolling …

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When I Married Miss Wright

In retrospect, I was quite fortunate Miss Wright accepted my humble hand in marriage. At the time I met her I was gleefully stumbling along through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing – with the outside exception of wedlock – no evil. Genghis Khan himself would have been proud of me, even though …

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Barbecue in the Winter! Are You Nuts?

The primeval need to flash-up the grill is totally irresistible … an innate, desperate need passed down through time. The outside temperature will never deter the intrepid grillmeister from accomplishing his task (it will just freeze the barbecue knobs. And I don’t mean his buddies). “Intelligence is something we are born with. Barbecuing is a …

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Good Ribs Start With a Boil

“We want Mojo pork butt in a bag,” is an unlikely dinner request to emanate from your regular backyard barbecue clientèle. I won’t even mention “pulled chicken”. “We want ribs,” is more likely to be the cry you may hear from your great-unwashed rabble around dinnertime. The art of smokology may never face as fierce …

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The Greeks Know Barbecue

On a trip to Greece, we set up camp just off the beach at the bottom of a huge cliff; to reach this location we walked down a steep path through an ancient olive grove. The next day we headed back up the path to gather wood for the cooking fire, returning to camp for …

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The Basic, Perfect Hamburger

  “Bob, stop pouring beer on the meat; the kids have to eat that,” my mother would yell to my Dad in the backyard, scolding him from the porch. One of my earliest memories of a backyard family barbecue is the huge fireball that was sure to rise from the old, red, globe-shaped barbecue that …

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