Scott Dudiak

Scott Dudiak is a Whitehorse-based biologist and sustainability advocate. Scott hopes to shift narratives away from environmental doom and towards community agency for change. Until we have time machines, it’s the environmental actions we take today that will benefit our community tomorrow. He is inordinately fond of beetles and other overlooked creatures that sustain our human communities.

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Endless forests stand as the majestic backdrop to much of the Yukon, but by looking down, you can see a much more…

The venerable Arctic ground squirrel

Freeze-Proof Animals

Each winter, our furry neighbours don an extra-thick coat of fur and fat to make it through the winter. But a coat isn’t the only strategy…

Spring in the Muck

Spring, past projects emerge from the snow and “evidence” of dog. Don’t lament this brown period. Rejoice. Within the rot is magic.

Trash Talk with Zero Waste Yukon

Its a day to celebrate recycling: Waste Reduction Week is happening October 18 to 24! Spray champagne, just remember to recycle the bottle.

Recycling your wreck

Some old trucks are a source of antique reverence to the past, but too many abandoned cars are an unfortunate part of Yukon’s landscape.

Plastic-free July has started

This month is “Plastic-Free July,” a worldwide effort to reduce each of our consumption of single-use plastic products for one month.

Bye-bye baggies

Keeping It Green Single-use plastic bags are out and reusables are in! Congratulations, Yukon! After 10 years of painstaking discussion, single-use shopping bags will be banned this year. In the fall of 2020, a quiet milestone passed in the Legislature with an update to the Environment Act (Bill 14) which allows the Government of Yukon …

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