Serge Harvey-Gauthier

The technique of violence

Violence 101 – Part five of six In the last four articles … The last four articles have described the Cycle of Violence, including its sweet honeymoon phase, its three categories (affective, organizational/professional and social), its four forms (psychological, physical, sexual and financial), as well as the five principles of this scourge that is constructed …

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The escalation of violence

Part three of six In the last two articles of this series, I described the four phases of the Cycle of Violence (accumulation, explosion, honeymoon, justification). The definition of violence highlights the central role of control over the victim(s). Violent behaviour has easily identifiable characteristics: the aggressor ignores the destructive impact and negative emotions felt …

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Categories of Violence

Use of power by which an individual in a position of force aims to control another person. There are three categories of violence.

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