Susanne Aichele

Susanne Aichele is a freelance writer, based in Whitehorse


Animal Communication

When I tell people I do animal communication, they often tell me that they know what their animals want. When my dog stares at the door…

Love your liver

How I learned to do it Why would I ask you to do such a thing? Because your liver rocks and, according to Anthony William, the author of the Medical Medium series, it has over 2,000 functions, many of which medicine hasn’t discovered yet. If you get your liver function tested by your doctor, you …

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Nuts for coconuts

My fondest memory of Mexico is the availability of fresh coconut water. In the mornings, I went out to get a fresh coconut off the tree.

Who is Walking Whom?

Summer has finally arrived and more people are walking their dogs. Or are the dogs walking their owners? I see people struggling to hold on to their dogs and often wonder if they enjoy the walk. While I started out my business by offering Energy Healing to animals I came to realize that Energy Healing …

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Walk on the Wild Side

On way too many days, I have been sitting at my computer working away on my business. Starting a new business is quite the adventure – and a steep learning curve. As I get drawn into my computer trying to figure things out, it seems that I forget to breathe. This is not a setting …

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