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Whitehorse Photography Club: Wildlife photos

Whitehorse Photography Club’s entries for “Celebration of Nature” photo contest. Whitehorse finished 5th of 20 clubs with147 points.

Showcase at The Yukon Arts Centre

Softcore, at the Yukon Arts Centre,  is the first exhibition by the Whitehorse-based North Node Collective, featuring Courtney Holmes, Rebecca Manias, Katie Newman and Heather Von Steinhagen. According to the artists, the medium of soft sculpture, humour and discomfort, are employed as a challenge to tired, stubborn body standards and harmful social constructs. “Connecting the …

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Seasonal Recipes: Cherry crisp

Cherries are everywhere right now, and when they’re in season, it can be easy to buy a few too many and end up with some sad, limp cherries in your fridge. A cherry crisp makes use of those sad cherries while still letting them be the star that they are this time of year.   …

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Yukon Visual Artists

Yukon’s creative side is alive and well with Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Carvers, Mixed Media Artists, Illustrators, Jewellers, Beaders, Weavers, and more.


To call Yukon’s music scene vibrant is an understatement. Hardly a night goes by without live music, from folk to hip-hop and all styles in between.


Yukon has an incredibly active film community. From the Available Light Film Festival, to small independent films, Yukon is home to fantastic talent that reaches out far and wide.


It is no secret that the Yukon is highly photogenic. It brings out the best in image makers. But there is more to it than mere landscape as our lens experts can show.


Yukoners are seldom at a loss for words, and the setting is totally conducive to finding just the right ones. Meet our incredible authors, writers, poets, and storytellers.

Online: 2040 Screening – World Environmental Day

Director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) embarks on a journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.


Discover Yukon’s Festivals and Fairs.
The fun experts at What’s Up Yukon can help you plan your time to hit all the best events.


Take good care of yourself with Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and a lot more more


Enjoy a movie night with an ever changing selection of films from Yukon and renowned filmmakers.


Shop for Yukon made products and goods

Outdoors Activities

Winter or summer, there are always events to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Live Music & Concerts

From pubs to concert venues, there is always great music of all styles from Yukon and visiting musicians.

Fitness & Sports

From yoga to kick boxing, by yourself or with a team, staying fit is not a Yukon problem.


Yukoners have a “Can-Do” attitude and one way they share their skills with other is through workshops. Here, you can find how-to information and an opportunity to build your skill sets with classes and workshops that include culinary instruction, writing literature, hunting and fishing, arts and music and creating the spaces your projects will take …

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Exhibitions & Art Events

Get inspired by the latest creations of Yukon’s Painters, Sculptors, Carvers, Mixed Media Artists, Illustrators, Jewellers, Beaders, Weavers and more.

Stage Performances

Theatre, dance, comedy, there is seldom a good excuse to be a Yukon couch potato.

Helping prevent FASD

The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society of Yukon (FASSY) is marking International Fetal Acohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day on Sept. 9 with a barbecue lunch at Shipyards Parks. The day helps raise awareness about FASD around the world. Sept. 9 was chosen because, as the ninth day of the ninth month, the number represents the …

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The Swamp Sisters Did It!

Every adventure race I’ve done, whether the outcome has been what I had hoped for or not, has transformed the experience into a life lesson and provided another chapter to add to my book of tales. This is one of the reasons my husband/teammate and I created the Yukon Adventure Challenge. We want to provide …

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Jimmy Johnny

Jimmy Johnny was born in a tent at his father’s wood-camp, four miles downriver from Mayo. Until age six, his life was spent close to his parents, his uncles and aunts, and his grandparents. From them he gained knowledge about traditional ways of living. He helped with hunting and fishing in the summer and fall, …

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Pelly Dancing

After their initial inception, the Selkirk Spirit Dancers had a hiatus, and some wondered if they would ever dance again. Started by Carmen Baker, the dance group is based in Pelly Crossing and is now comprised of 45 dancers. The large number in itself is enough to set the group apart, however what makes the …

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Meet Howard Chymy

On any given day when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, you may hear the ambient strains of Howard Chymy’s saxophone drifting down Main Street in Whitehorse. This year, the snow took a little longer to recede. It was a cool April, and when I listened for the sound of the sax, …

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African, French and Japanese Groups Showcase Their Culture

They are not always featured in history books, but since the Klondike Gold Rush people of many ethnic backgrounds have called the Yukon home. On Sunday, June 23 the Adäka Cultural Festival will host the Sharing Our Spirit Community Celebration, a day of events bringing together the culture of these different groups that have put …

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Rekindling a Passion for Culture

The students of Eliza Van Bibber School, along with numerous supportive partners, are reviving the cultural wellbeing of the community through traditional practices. It started with a music psychology student from Ryerson University in Toronto. Arla Good had the incentive to learn about the traditional music of the North. “I had a spark of an …

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game for BYTE’s Battle of the Bands

Rocking out in true Yukon fashion, Bringing Youth Towards Equality (BYTE) is hosting it’s annual Battle of the Bands, a no-holds-barred performance extravaganza. Open to musically-inclined youth under 30 years old, the Battle of the Bands features music from every genre possible — there are no limits. Hip-hop, funk and metal bands are on the …

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Artist’s Amusing Alliterations

Visitors to the Yukon are seeing and feeling the territory for themselves. I don’t need to describe the landscape or the friendly Northern-way because these people are experiencing it. All Yukoners know that with the influx of tourists comes the inevitable question: “What should I get as a souvenir?” As an über-fan of both children’s …

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It’s All About Location

HAINES JUNCTION The staff who work at the Haines Junction Visitor Information Centre (VIC) believe it’s all about location. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy arriving at work each day knowing that they could wax eloquently about one of the most spectacular places in the world, sought after by hundreds of visitors who come to explore …

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Hang Out a Shingle the World Can See

I don’t know if there has been an industry more affected by the advancement of technology than ours. I remember the days when graphic design was just cutting and pasting. Today’s designers “computer manipulate” while software such as Photoshop,InDesign and Illustrator allow untrained designers profess to be designers. I am not going to get into …

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Gold Ain’t So Shiny

So, you are a gold bug. How appropriate when it comes to investing if you, the true Yukoner, see the mother lode in “them tars”. Well, before you make the faithful jump, think again. Yes, the global markets are all in a turmoil (what an understatement). Yes, your portfolio is bleeding at the time gold …

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True Ambassadors for the Yukon

The Whitehorse Visitor Information Centre first opened its doors in 1996. Since that time it has greeted thousands of visitors arriving by land, sea and air. Located in downtown Whitehorse at 2nd Avenue and Lambert Street, there is ample parking for RVs, tour buses, family vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. Seven staff are available seven days …

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Keeping the Excellence

Despite what Charles Lamb said, youth is not wasted on the young. Young workers have the strength, potential and eagerness to excel at whatever captures their interest. They will ask questions and learn at the rate set by their employers. If an employer nourishes that interest and shows concern for the young employee, in their …

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Open Source is the Future

Anthony Trombetta once wrote about his experience earning two tickets to see the White Stripes, suggesting that one must have lived under a rock if they had not heard of the White Stripes. OK, so before they came here, I had no idea who the White Stripes were. And I am here today to tell …

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This Waiter Wears Mitts and Headlamp

Mitts? Check. Headlamp? Check. Everything else? Check. I step outside. The temperature isn’t too cold, warmer than previous years but not outrageously so. I can see the stars twinkling overhead. Despite the fact that the sun is now completely set, I can still see reasonably well with the starlight reflecting off the snow – and …

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Ocean Carnage

It was November 2005 and we were headed to the Adventure Racing World Championships in New Zealand. The five-day race was going to start with a five-kilometre run to our kayaks where we would continue with a 70-kilometre ocean paddle. In case of poor weather conditions, race management had prepared a couple of other race …

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Conquering ‘Mount Equinox’

It started as “via ferrata” which is Italian for “iron road”. A via ferrata is a mountain hike equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders and bridges. In Whitehorse, there’s the Equinox Ice Towers which offer, in addition to regular climbing with pick axes and ropes, an ice hike with fixed ropes up tunnels, through slopes …

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Most people consider a DNF (Did Not Finish) a blot on their race record. After calling it quits halfway through the Yukon Arctic Ultra on Sunday, Feb. 9, I was just happy to be alive. An extreme endeavour? Certainly, but when my older brother suggested we do the race together this year, I was game. …

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Yukoner is an Explorer in the Far South

“What have I done? Can I handle this?” Devon McDiarmid had just stepped off the plane in Antarctica and, although it was for the fifth time in his life, this panicked thought ran through his mind. The challenges of the southern continent had obviously not diminished with repeated stints on “The Ice”. As a guide …

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From Good to Great in 427 Easy Steps

I often write about encouraging people to feel comfortable and relaxed while skiing. This is a good way to feel and is a large part of what most skiers are after; confidence, grip and control. Our comfort can hold us back if it prevents us from challenging ourselves and learning new skills, however. New movements …

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Behind The Scenes of Guys & Dolls

It’s an era of lady-like manners and the finest of gentlemen: Guys in suits, hats and shiny shoes, cleanly shaven with slicked hair and moustaches; ladies in skirts and dresses, wrap sweaters, pantyhose and high heel shoes. In the nightclubs, these fine gentlemen leer and cheer at giggly, air-headed and scantily-clad dancers shakin’ their daisies. …

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The New Amanda Stott Brings Her New Voice

Five years ago, Amanda Stott was that young, farm girl with the powerful voice. Today, her voice is just as powerful, but it now has more texture and taken new directions as musical influences have reached her beyond the farm.

Old Colours Shepherded Into A New World

Born in a time of transition, Jack Fred Jackson was strongly influenced by time spent with his grandfather, both on the land and in the home.

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