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Yukoner is an Explorer in the Far South

“What have I done? Can I handle this?”Devon McDiarmid had just stepped off the plane in Antarctica and, although it was for the fifth time in his life, this panicked thought ran through his mind.The challenges of the...

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From Good to Great in 427 Easy Steps

I often write about encouraging people to feel comfortable and relaxed while skiing. This is a good way to feel and is a large part of what most skiers are after; confidence, grip and control.Our comfort can hold us back if it...

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Behind The Scenes of Guys & Dolls

It’s an era of lady-like manners and the finest of gentlemen: Guys in suits, hats and shiny shoes, cleanly shaven with slicked hair and moustaches; ladies in skirts and dresses, wrap sweaters, pantyhose and high heel shoes. In...

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The New Amanda Stott Brings Her New Voice

Five years ago, Amanda Stott was that young, farm girl with the powerful voice. Today, her voice is just as powerful, but it now has more texture and taken new directions as musical influences have reached her beyond the farm.

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