Outdoors Fun

Whether it’s winter or summer, spring or autumn, there are always events and activities to enjoy here in the Yukon. Visitors and locals alike can find adventure and excitement on the water like kayaking, canoeing, swimming and even water bikes! On the land they can discover (and re-discover) a myriad of trails through the boreal forests of the north or up into the many majestic mounts found in the Yukon. From major events like the Yukon Quest and Yukon River Quest to organized nature walks and festive bird counts or just finding that special campsite, there is no end to the possibilities in the Yukon’s Great Outdoors.

Biking With Your Spouse

Mountain biking, like relationships require work. From the first date to the wedding day, you’re constantly learning how to be with someone.

Green talk with the Yukon Conservation Society

Evolving out of the old tradition of a Boxing Day bird hunt, where people competed to see who could shoot the most birds while walking off their Christmas feasts, birds have officially been counted, and the numbers compiled, by the American Audubon Society, since 1900.

Outdoors Activities

Winter or summer, there are always events to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Christmas bird counts are fun for kids too

Julie Bauer loves birding with kids. The-long-time Haines Junction resident and birder is leading Canada’s most northerly Christmas Bird Count (CBC) for Kids on Dec. 14. The unique event is part of an international citizen science program for monitoring and conserving birds. 

Homage to a Yukon Birder

Yukon birds, and its birding community, have lost a true friend. When he died last month, at 75, Helmut Grünberg had spent over 40 years promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Yukon’s bird life. He found his way to Whitehorse in the early ‘70s when, en route to climb Denali in Alaska, he was …

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Miss Manners Goes Skiing

Cross country skiing can be conducted at breakneck speed or at a social pace. As with most social activities, there is etiquette involved.

Moose Hunt Essentials

A moose will often fall exactly where you had hoped they wouldn’t. Here a prepared hunter shines and the newbie learns a few lessons.

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