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    Checkpoint checklist

    We are at the volunteer meeting for the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race and everyone is waiting for me, as checkpoint manager, to tell them what they are in for. Of all the checkpoints in the race, Dawson City is the longest.... more

    Feb. 09, 2012

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    The Yukon Quest takes care of the Winter Blues

    The Yukon Quest is an annual event in the North that can banish your winter doldrums, lift your spirits, and get you cheering. The Quest, a 1,000-mile (1,609-kilometre) dog sled race, takes place every year in February, bringing people out of... more

    Feb. 06, 2014

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    Issue: 2018-09-26, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Driverless cars, ‘all that and a bag of chips’

    I was listening to the radio this morning as I was repairing my snowshoes. The host was trying to convince his listeners of the benefits of driverless cars. He was saying people will have more time to make use of, rather than driving. He gave... more

    Sep. 26, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-08-29, PHOTO: Murray Martin

    The life and times of a bear (and being ‘bear aware’)

    The life and times of wildlife is an amazing to study; for example, did you know that a genus of beaver was once the size of a bear, and the horse was the size of a German shepherd? But, personally, other than facing a mad wolverine, I would say... more

    Aug. 29, 2018

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    Issue: 2015-12-03 PHOTO: courtesy of Humane Society Dawson

    20 years of going to the dogs …

    Humane Society Dawson is celebrating a milestone birthday this year. The “small shelter with a big heart” turns 20 years old, and shows no signs of slowing down. The Humane Society’s mandate is to provide shelter and care for abandoned and... more

    Dec. 03, 2015

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    Take it in stride: Getting to the high

    I'd better get my act in gear if I wanted a better chance at a longer, happier life. I signed up for a 10-kilometre race that June. For the trail runs she organizes, Nancy Thomson offers chocolate milk as a reward.... more

    Apr. 12, 2012

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Yukon Pets Stories

  • P2-2018-04-04-LeighannChalykoff-BobTheCatBirthday (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2018-04-04, PHOTO: Cass Collins

    Fete for the Feline

    When Coralie Ullyett first saw him at the bar a few years ago, she thought he was cute. Ullyett and some friends were visiting Atlin, B.C., for a girls’ weekend, and before settling into their rental cabin, they stopped at the recreation centre... more

    Apr. 04, 2018

  • P2-2017-08-04-MurrayMartin-ETO-MansBestFriend-MurrayMartin.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-15, PHOTO: Murray Martin

    Not Just a Dog, But a Best Friend

    The late 1950s and ’60s were exciting years for this young 24-year-old Conservation Officer in Ontario. My first three winters in the eastern part of the province were spent doing a life study of a bird known as the Hungarian partridge... more

    Nov. 15, 2017

  • P2-Sub201708-09-FredSmith-BlessingOfTheAnimals-2.jpg

    Issue: 2017-08-30, PHOTO: Fred Smith

    Blessing of the Animals

    At 10:30 a.m. on August 6, some members of the congregation at Whitehorse United Church had whiskers, a tail and four legs! This is because the first Sunday in August was the Blessing of the Animals service. Blessing of the Animals is a service... more

    Aug. 30, 2017

  • P1-2017-07-19-TessCasher-Pup 1.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-07-19, PHOTO: Fiona West

    The (Mis)Adventures of A Puppy

    In life there can be many instances one regrets. Such as accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, or throwing out an ill received joke. Or, uttering the thought, “Let’s get a second dog.” Before we knew it, the puppy was arriving... more

    Jul. 19, 2017

  • P2-2017-05-31-AmyKenny-DogPuller (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-31, PHOTO: courtesy of Yukon Predators Dog Puller Sport Athletic League

    Intense Com-paw-tition

    Yukon is home to a class of athletes that are the first of their kind in Canada. You might not know it, but you’ve probably seen them around town – running, walking, slobbering on their owner’s shoes. That’s right, they’re dogs. And roughly 30 of... more

    May 31, 2017

  • P1-Priority-2017-05-17-DestinyClennet-ForeverFriends.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-24, PHOTO: Destiny Clennet

    Forever Friends

    Finally summer is back!!! I'm so excited but yet… I’d rather not be. It doesn't sound right when I say it like that, but maybe my story will help this make a little more sense. This has been a busy year. The beginning of the spring was rough and I... more

    May 24, 2017

  • Dog Walk 1.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-12-14, PHOTO: Tess Casher

    Winter Dog Walk

    You know the drill. There’s a beautiful, warm, cozy and glowing fire in your living room. Sweat pants are on. A nice dinner’s been eaten. It would be so easy; it would be so great, just to lie on your couch and go to sleep. But, there’s one... more

    Dec. 14, 2016

  • FullSizeRender - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2016-06-09, PHOTO: Destiny Clennett

    Summer: A Kid’s Perspective

    Finally summer is here! This is the most funnest season of the year, but my horse, Hollywood, probably loves it more than I do. This is the only time of the season that he can get out of his pen and run around, eat grass, chase his shadow, nap in... more

    Jun. 09, 2016

  • Ed Whitehouse's sled.png

    What's Up Yukon May 12, 2016 Issue

    The Yukon Transportation Museum invites you to submit photos of you and your dog for their new exhibit

    The dog is the Yukon's best friend and an icon up here in the north. It wouldn't be the same without the dog and maybe that is the reason why the Yukon Transportation Museum has had an exhibit on dogs for about 20 years and counting. more

    May 12, 2016


  • Parka 2 - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2016-04-21, PHOTO: Tess Casher

    An Open Letter to My Dog

    Dear Parka, We invited you into our family last summer because we felt a void that only man’s best friend could fill. Down south last summer, we picked you from the litter of pups and brought you up North, to which you’re probably sarcastically... more

    Apr. 21, 2016

  • DSC_0076.JPG

    Issue: 2016-02-18, PHOTO: Lea Roy

    Don’t Panic!

    My dog, Herman, once stepped between myself and a charging two-thousand-pound black Angus bull. He turned the animal back by sheer virtue of his own ferocity and unwillingness to be moved. On another occasion, he chased off a young male grizzly... more

    Feb. 18, 2016

  • Solace is not the Yukon_JKilborn.jpg

    Issue: 2015-11-26 PHOTO: Joslyn Kilborn

    Yukon Buddy

    The first thing Solace does inside my parent’s house is pee on the deep shag rug in the TV room. We’re all surprised by it. She does it again a few days later, looking me right in the eye as she squats on another corner of the same carpet. more

    Nov. 26, 2015

  • Aug 20 Tripod Eddie.JPG

    Issue: 2015-08-20 PHOTO: Nadine Peters

    My Tripod, Eddie

    Like many other Yukon dogs, Eddie is of mixed pedigree. He’s a Heinz 57. Or as some people like to call it, a mutt. But to me, he’s 100 per cent handsome. Eddie is not really a Yukon dog, but don’t tell him that! He came north with our family in... more

    Aug. 20, 2015

  • July 30 Putt for Paws.jpg

    Issue: 2015-07-30 PHOTO: Cory Thompson

    Golfers Putt for Paws

    Here is an idea that will add fun to your summer: compete in a golf charity tournament, and maybe win a new car. Just bought a new car? Well, there will also be a three-course gourmet Mexican dinner. Don’t like Mexican? more

    Jul. 30, 2015

  • Frank Turner #1.jpg

    Issue: 2015-07-16 PHOTO: Darrell Hookey

    How working dogs keep cool

    Frank Turner knows how to care for dogs on the bitterly cold trail of the Yukon Quest, having run it 24 times. Indeed, he had the honour (his word) of winning the Vet’s Choice Award twice. And he knows how to care for dogs in the heat of summer, too. more

    Jul. 16, 2015

  • Puppy (2).JPG

    Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

    A Friend For Schwartz

    Schwartz has been our only dog for the past few years. For the most part he seems to be okay, although he does enjoy playing with other dogs when he gets the chance. But being the only dog can be lonely for an animal that would normally belong to... more

    Apr. 16, 2015

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    Issue: 2015-02-19 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

    The Cold Weather Doggie Blues

    At 40 below, Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same; not that our dog, Shadow, cares about that. She may need to go outside to relieve herself, but her preference is to cross her legs, huddle in the back of her kennel in the kitchen and wait more

    Feb. 19, 2015

  • P1080538a.jpeg

    To Loesje, My Savvy Loveable Wilderness Cat

    By no means a feral cat, Loesje knew the rules of the wild. Savvy outside, loveable inside, she was the Queen. She died this fall at the ripe old cat age of 18-and-a-half. Let me tell you her life story: more

    Nov. 20, 2014

  • buttonFarley1.jpeg

    Life on Three Legs

    The fluffy white dog with the black eye patch stared up at me adoringly and thwacked his tail furiously against the x-ray table. A bylaw officer had brought him in; he’d been running loose, and was apparently injured. more

    Nov. 05, 2014

  • March6 animal communication class.JPG

    Woof Woof Like Salmon Woof

    Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Does it have a particular request for dinner, or stories to tell? Well, here's your chance to gain some insight. more

    Mar. 06, 2014

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