Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre

1171 First Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0G9


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1171 First Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0G9
Monday to Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm
Kid Friendly, Wheelchair Access
Art Gallery
Convention Center
First Nation Governments And Cultural Centres
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  • P5-20180119-kylie campbell-manu keggenhoff-queens feast.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-02-07, PHOTO: Manu Keggenhoff

    A royally good time

    In its second year, Her Majesty’s Royal Feast was created to give the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen candidates a high class venue to deliver one of the most important components of the competition: their speeches...

    Feb. 07, 2018

  • three women (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-12, PHOTO: Rick Massie

    For the love of beer

    Kaori Torigai loves beer in much the same way others love baseball. Or World of Warcraft. Like baseball, there are a mind-boggling array of statistics to consider. And, like World of Warcraft, there is a huge cast of characters. And, as in both...

    Oct. 12, 2016

  • CandoConference.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-29, PHOTO: Lesley Leong

    Building Tourism From the Ground Up

    The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, a cultural hub of our capital city, will see national delegates focused on aboriginal economic development arrive on Monday, October 3 for the CANDO 23rd annual conference: Partnerships for Prosperity, Change...

    Sep. 29, 2016

  • Dennis Shorty and Jennifer _002951 copy (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: Fritz Mueller

    Healing Through Art

    Dennis Shorty created his first sculpture when he was eight years old. It was a moose carved out of poplar with a burbot fish skull for antlers and a bit of “fish glue” to hold them in place. He was proud of the sculpture and showed his father, ...

    Sep. 22, 2016

  • iva-photo1 (1).jpg

    Issue: 2016-06-30, PHOTO: Courtesy of Kathless Merritt

    An Exploration of Old and New

    Continuing its tradition of collaborative art projects, this year’s Adӓka Cultural Festival will bring together six northern musicians for a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds. the artists will get together during the festival and...

    Jun. 30, 2016

  • Eskimo Art - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2016-06-30, PHOTO: courtesy of YFS

    Resisting and Resurging

    This year the Yukon Film Society (YFS) returns to the Adäka Cultural Festival with more First Nations programming. The collaboration between Adäka and YFS allows all the screenings to be free. Screenings run July 3 and 4 at the Kwanlin Dün...

    Jun. 30, 2016

  • IMG_20150621-1.jpg

    Issue: 2016-06-16, PHOTO: by Meagan Deuling

    Come On Out To the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

    On June 21st the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Society will be hosting National Aboriginal Day at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre. The festivities are open to the public and will include games, music, food, kids activities and cultural displays...

    Jun. 16, 2016

  • DSC04852.jpg

    Issue: 2016-06-09, PHOTO: Chris Healey

    Follow Our Trails

    Audience members with program “maps” in hand will be guided through the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre for a unique performance adventure from Gwaandak Theatre, showcasing the spectacular riverfront and Yukon stories about who we are and where we...

    Jun. 09, 2016

  • Ever the Land - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2016-04-14, PHOTO: Courtesy of YFS

    Deep Ecology within Architecture and Design

    The Living Building Challenge is an international sustainable building certificate program to foster the conscious development and design of eco-friendly architecture. It was launched 10 years ago, and pillars of performance include, site, water...

    Apr. 14, 2016

  • LBO-HIRESBandPhoto (3).jpg

    Issue: 2016-04-07, PHOTO: courtesy of Lemon Bucket

    Dust Off Your Dancing Shoes

    Hot on the heels of their appearance at the 2016 Juno Awards, Canada’s only “Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band” is coming to Whitehorse. “Super-band” is certainly an apt description of this kaleidoscopic collective of 16 musicians, who...

    Apr. 07, 2016

  • Attachment-1.jpg

    Issue: 2016-03-31, PHOTO: The Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon

    Everything But the Sake

    Japan is a country that is rich in history and has made quite the presence within popular Western culture. Think ninjas, samurai warriors, cherry blossoms, sushi, anime – the list goes on. On April 2 you can experience many of the wonderful things...

    Mar. 31, 2016

  • Alan Zweig and Steve Fonyo - VIFF.jpg

    Issue: 2016-02-04, PHOTO: Courtesy of Yukon Film Society

    Hone Your Craft

    This year marks the 14th anniversary of the Available Light Film Festival. Each year, the festival seems to grow and attract greater talent from a variety of places. This year also has a substantial amount of filmmaking workshops, some free and...

    Feb. 04, 2016

  • FelixETmeira (2).jpg

    Issue: 2015-11-19 PHOTO: Courtesy of the Yukon Film Society

    Forbidden Love

    Montreal filmmaker Maxime Grioux’s 2014 film, called Félix et Meria, is a forbidden love story – and it has been earning wide acclaim. It has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and it has already won...

    Nov. 19, 2015

  • this changes_v2

    Issue: 2015-11-19 PHOTO: Courtesy of the Yukon Film Society

    Global response to climate change

    The systems of the Earth are inextricably interwoven – be they environmental, social, or economic. Naomi Klein, bestselling author of This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine, and No Logo, believes that the capitalist model of economics is at...

    Nov. 19, 2015

  • Muellerf_20120624_004965.jpg

    Issue: 2015-11-12 PHOTO: Fritz Mueller

    Invitation for an Authentic Experience

    Yukon First Nations are planning ways to offer authentic cultural experiences for visitors. The plan to bolster cultural tourism among the Yukon First Nations has been in the works for a while, but this week people from across the Yukon Territory...

    Nov. 12, 2015

  • Canvas covered tents of the Canadian Red Cross Hospital in Dhunche Nepal.jpg

    Issue: 2015-11-12 PHOTO: Al Alcock

    Thinking Like a Global Citizen

    Many Yukoners are involved in global issues and a series of talks at the Kwanlin Dϋn Cultural Centre brings their international experiences home. The Yukon Development Education Centre is hosting the free lectures in Whitehorse called the...

    Nov. 12, 2015

  • might not use this photo.jpg

    Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of the Fireweed Community Market Society

    A Crafty Idea

    For the past few years the 12 Days of Christmas Market at The Old Fire Hall has been jam-packed with shoppers perusing the jam-packed aisles of jam, jewelry, mittens, tree ornaments and other Christmas lovelies.

    Nov. 05, 2015

  • masq2.jpg

    Issue: 2015-10-29 PHOTO: Jordi Jones

    Dancing for Doggies

    On Oct 31st Whitehorse residents will have a chance to work up a sweat to some sweet electronica tunes at the second annual Masq dance party. There will be a full bar, photo booth, catering, music and a costume contest with prizes from Air North, ...

    Oct. 29, 2015

  • DSC_6064A.jpg

    Issue: 2015-10-29 PHOTO: Helene Roth

    The future is now

    The Yukon Rendezvous Society is throwing a Halloween dance party again this year, and the theme is Back to the Future Part II. The trippy concept is that in 1989, when Back to the Future Part II came out, our man Marty (Michael J. Fox) ...

    Oct. 29, 2015

  • Pat Braden.jpg

    Issue: 2015-06-25 PHOTO: Tessa Macintosh Photography

    Writing Across the Borders

    An ambitious pan-Northern ensemble of seasoned musicians from all three territories will make its debut in Whitehorse next week as one of the performance highlights of the fifth annual Adäka Cultural Festival.

    Jun. 25, 2015

  • WWOW 2.jpg

    Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: By courtesy of Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

    Caring Souls

    Krista Reid has worked since last June to ensure the memorial exhibition known as Walking With Our Sisters would be “a space to create a personal journey” of awareness and healing. “It’s an opportunity for those who have been in violent ...

    Apr. 16, 2015

  • photo 11.jpg

    Issue: 2015-04-02 PHOTO Ty Heffner, Matrix Research

    Formerly Tools, Now Artifacts on Display

    The Kwanlin Dün First Nation recorded elders’ stories in 1993. This turned into about seven boxes of transcripts, which sat in an office. Elders gathered several more times, and their stories of camp locations and trail locations were again...

    Apr. 02, 2015

  • #5 (2).jpg

    Issue: 2015-02-26 PHOTO: by courtesy of Leela Gilday

    Elbows and Chins

    There's a post on Leela Gilday's Facebook page from a woman who had just bought a guitar for her daughter. The young girl's immediate response was, "I'm going to sing just like Leela soon, Mom."

    Feb. 26, 2015

  • shaolin pic.jpg

    Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver

    Wushu Comes to Whitehorse

    Last November, Whitehorse entrepreneur Stephen Kwok Wai-Kan was in Vancouver in his part-time role as liaison officer between the Yukon and Chinese governments.

    Feb. 12, 2015

  • Back to the Water

    As manager of the $25 million construction project, Bailie knows every inch of the 40,000 square-foot waterfront complex, built to resemble the cluster of buildings typical of many First Nation villages.

    Jun. 14, 2012


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