The Old Fire Hall

1105 Front Street, Whitehorse, Yukon

The Old Firehall
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1105 Front Street, Whitehorse, Yukon
Reservations Accepted
Artist Centre & Studio
Concert Hall / Auditorium, Convention Center
Live Music & Concerts


  • P1-Dated-2017-09-27-AngelaSzymczuk-SwanLake.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-09-27, PHOTO: Bolshoi Ballet

    Sorcery, Swans and Love

    For a cosmopolitan afternoon in downtown Whitehorse, head over to The Old Fire Hall for a screening of Swan Lake, performed by the internationally acclaimed Russian ballet company Bolshoi Ballet. The film will be shown on Sunday, October 1 at 2 p.m..

    Sep. 27, 2017

  • Gurdeep and Manuela.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-12-14, PHOTO: Christian Kuntz

    Indian Dance + Celtic Beats

    It all started in a kitchen, like many good things do. Some people were chatting around the chips and salsa, while a few introverts stood against the wall, and friends were introduced to friends of friends. It was a low-key potluck and the...

    Dec. 14, 2016

  • 20161119_161338_resized.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-11-30, PHOTO: Judy Matechuk

    Just For Kids

    On Saturday, Dec. 3 the kids get to shop. All by themselves, without parents watching over shoulders. It’s the perfect chance for them to buy Christmas presents for their family. The Kids Shopping Hour is part of the Second Annual Christmas Market...

    Nov. 30, 2016

  • Brandon.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-26, PHOTO: by Meagan Deuling

    The Life and Times of Teenage Metalheads, WaRRmAuth

    WaRRmAuth is one of the most intriguing bands to be rising out of Whitehorse’s small but strong musical talent pool. At the forefront of the metal scene revival, these teenage stars rock harder than most with talent and ingenuity to back them up...

    Oct. 26, 2016

  • Nick Mah.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-29, PHOTO: by courtesy of Nick Mah

    Remembering Lenny

    If you're doing a stage show about a highly-admired guitarist, being able to render the music is a big help. Fortunately, Whitehorse musician Nicholas Mah has been playing the music of his dramatic subject, the late Lenny Breau, for decades...

    Sep. 29, 2016

  • FullSizeRender (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: courtesy of Jane Seawell

    Imagination & Artistry at the Whitehorse Etsy Sale’s coast-to-coast pop-up event is back in Whitehorse for a second year, celebrating local artisans. Over a dozen vendors will be there with wares for you to touch, smell, see and drool over, and buy. The event takes place in 38...

    Sep. 22, 2016

  • Tales 1.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-08, PHOTO: Charles Ketchabauw

    Capturing a Country's Memories

    When Charles Ketchabauw and Lisa Marie DiLiberto rolled into Whitehorse late last month, they weren't your typical rubber-tire tourists. Sure, they had two small kids and a teardrop trailer in tow, which made their eight-day journey from Toronto...

    Sep. 08, 2016

  • Fritzen pic - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2016-04-28, PHOTO: Jeffrey Care

    Match Making

    When Fawn Fritzen's new CD, Pairings, debuts at the Old Fire Hall on Saturday, it won't be your typical Whitehorse album launch. For one thing, many of those in attendance already have a connection to the project as contributors to Fritzen's...

    Apr. 28, 2016

  • mcnallystudio_5417.jpg

    Issue: 2016-03-31, PHOTO: Alistair Maitland

    Street Party Sound

    If a musical shindig at the Old Fire Hall this Saturday puts you in mind of a New Orleans street party, Ryan McNally won't be the least bit disappointed. The event is intended to introduce Yukon audiences to the Whitehorse singer-songwriter's...

    Mar. 31, 2016

  • BNW 2015 SHOW 452.jpg

    Issue: 2016-03-17, PHOTO: Christian Kuntz

    For A Good Time Check Out This Show

    Whitehorse is a hotbed of artists, dancers and performers brewing with ideas and creativity and this weekend we’ll have an opportunity to see what’s in their minds. On Friday and Saturday the Brave New Works show will be presented at The Old Fire...

    Mar. 17, 2016

  • Deanna Fleysher is Butt Kapinski    (1).jpg

    Issue: 2015-10-29 PHOTO: courtesy of Deanna Fleysher

    Murderously Funny

    This Halloween season The Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) will present Butt Kapinksi at The Old Fire Hall, an interactive comedic murder mystery set in the style of a classic film noir movie. The show’s creator and star, Deanna Fleysher, slips into the...

    Oct. 29, 2015

  • A55Z7367 (1).jpg

    Issue: 2015-10-29 Photo: Rick Massie

    Party like it’s 1955

    Dig out your poodle skirt and put on your saddle shoes. The Open Pit Theatre is hosting a 1950s Sock Hop Film Night in Whitehorse on Saturday. The evening features five films with an on-the-spot, improvised soundtrack by live actors and musicians...

    Oct. 29, 2015

  • Fall Color 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas 2015 copy.jpg

    Issue: 2015-10-15 PHOTO: courtesy of Halin de Repentigny

    Natural Impressionism

    The element of light is key when it comes to any form of painting, drawing, or photography. For each medium, the use of light may be utilized differently. A photographer may use extra light to enhance the subject being captured. Someone who...

    Oct. 15, 2015

  • pathighres1.jpg

    Issue: 2015-07-02 PHOTO: courtesy of Pat LePoidevin

    “When You See Vinyl, You Talk About It”

    Playing a show to open for a musician is a first for Whitehorse bornand-raised Patrick Hamilton. Hamilton says, “I’ve been a professional musician since I was 18,” and he means that he’s been very involved in multiple music projects since that time.

    Jul. 02, 2015

  • A55Z8172 (2).jpg

    Issue: 2015-05-21 PHOTO: Rick Massie

    A Biker at 30

    Amelia Merher, also known as the ukulele-slinging songwriter Big Mama Lele, has ambitious plans for her 30th birthday. “I’m putting a new spin on fatbiking,” she says. On May 26, her birthday, Merher kicks off a 16-gig bicycle tour of the Yukon...

    May 21, 2015

  • BNW 2015 067 (2).jpg

    Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO: Christian Kuntz Photography

    Brave New Works

    Nostalgia: sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes…it’s bagpipes. Brave New Works (BNW), the annual Whitehorse-based multidisciplinary performing arts collective, is back with a new theme.

    Mar. 19, 2015

  • trace2smallthumb.jpg

    Photos: by Henry Chan

    The Story of a Voice

    The two songs Tristan Whiston sang constantly during his transformation from a female into a male were “Water is Wide” and “I am Sailing”. Both are about the ocean.

    Jan. 21, 2015

  • Dakhká Khwáan Dancers


    Gunalchéesh for your Love and Support

    Marilyn Jensen was inspired to start a dance group after finishing her master’s degree at the University of Victoria. She studied Indigenous governance, and said she was surrounded by people who were connecting with their culture, language, tradition

    Dec. 24, 2014

  • Cyber Seniors to screen in Whitehorse

    What would your grandmother say if you asked her to be your friend on Facebook? Would your teenage daughter or granddaughter know what a typewriter looks like? Technology has changed a lot in the past few decades and although lots of seniors are...

    Dec. 03, 2014

  • Dining on Ramen and Talking to the Dead

    On November 23,The Old Fire Hall will once again host a free mini-festival of Japanese films, hosted by the Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon (JCAY). This time it’s a double bill, with one film extolling the virtues of a noted Japanese food

    Nov. 20, 2014

  • Wonky Little Show

    “You shouldn’t write this,” Monique Romeiko cautions with a chuckle, “but we’re 40. All three of us.”

    Oct. 02, 2014

  • Mushing Around the Vastness of the World

    Listening to Kate Weekes' new solo folk album, Frost on Black Fur, is like mushing around the vastness of the world at great speed as the scenery constantly changes, from Irish islands, to mountain villages in China, to remote rivers in the Peel

    Sep. 25, 2014

  • Jackfish Girl

    Photo: courtesy of Claire Ness

    The Magic of Live Music

    Whitehorse-based singer-songwriter and comedian Claire Ness is right in her element; the local performer is releasing a new live album called Jackfish Girl, which will drop with a celebratory concert on September 26 at the Old Fire Hall.

    Sep. 25, 2014

  • Like a Boomerang

    Exactly five years after releasing her third album, Of Ice and Men, Whitehorse singer Barbara Chamberlin is about to launch a new one titled Boomerang Girl, under the nom de guerre of Queenie and the B’s.

    Sep. 11, 2014

  • 2014-03-13, p03.png

    Issue: 2014-03-13, PHOTO: courtesy of Out North

    Films from the Out-side

    The Yukon Queer Film Alliance are hosting the third annual film festival OUT North this weekend at The Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse. The eclectic festival delivers a variety of lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-related films.

    Mar. 13, 2014

  • A Trip into Canadian Contemporary Art Scene

    Canadian contemporary artists found a wider audience in Massachusetts last spring. The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) presents more than 60 Canadian artists, including three artists from the Yukon, until April 2013.

    Nov. 15, 2012

  • Amnesty Films at Old Fire Hall

    Amnesty International brings its annual film festival to Whitehorse this weekend, featuring an amazing array of films dealing with themes of social justice at the Old Fire Hall. This year Amnesty is cooperating with the Yukon Film Society

    Nov. 24, 2010

  • Firehall Films Gets 'Real'

    Rep cinema returns to Whitehorse this week with a vengeance, as the Yukon Film Society expands its Firehall Films offerings to a mini-festival of film. Kicking off its three-night program on Wednesday, Aug. 4, is the 2009 documentary,Babies, from Fr

    Aug. 05, 2010

  • Firehall Films: From Alberta to Jamaica by Sky

    Yukon Film Society's Firehall Films series has an exciting lineup this month. On Thursday, June 3, the evening leads off at 6:45 pm with Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands. It's a fascinating 45-minute documentary from award-win

    Jun. 03, 2010

  • The Old Fire Hall 'blazes' with films

    "We had to lug a 200-pound TV each week and there was a lot of glare from the tent's door and traffic would drown out the sound," says Andrew Connors, Yukon Film Society's programmer.

    Jul. 09, 2009

  • Shedding Light Through Film

    Tory Russell makes no attempt to sugar coat the fact these films are "super-heavy" as we chat about the upcoming Amnesty International Film Festival that runs during the final weekend of November at The Old Fire Hall.

    Nov. 27, 2008