My Canada Includes art

I am loving this controversy over arts funding cuts because it is one of the few times that smart, eloquent, passionate people stand up and declare their love for art and what art does for us as a society. However, I fear that the right wing of this country – represented by Stephen Harper and …

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31 Years & Still Rolling

It sits beside the Alaska Highway, just south of the Lobird cutoff – a plain, brown two-storey building, surrounded by recreational vehicles of various sizes, shapes and conditions. A modest green and yellow sign announces: Philmar RV Centre. “I’ve had a lot of people come in and say, ‘I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve …

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‘Irreplaceable’ does not mean ‘good’

It was a requirement of administration that required a lot more soul-searching than I thought possible. Our administrator, Monica Garcia, proposed a question to me: “If you die, what would happen?” “Well,” I thought to myself. “All the businesses in the Yukon would close until after my funeral and grief counsellors would be brought into …

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Immigrants remind us of Canadian values

I’m reading the newspapers and the magazines and I see that many Canadians have only qualified support for immigrants. I ignore the bigots, pretty much automatically, and I listen directly to Canadians who value our willingness to accept those from other countries. Yet they feel only X number can come each year and only those …

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