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Blues Cargo

The Local Bar 206 Jarvis Street, Whitehorse

A truly authentic blues band, these cats have enough combined experience to rock the Canadian Blues world. Manfred Janssen, award winning Yukon song writer and singer heads this bunch with lead vocals and guitar, while Juno collecting producer Bob Hamilton also rips it up on guitar. Add to the mix Rocky Bergman on solid bass, Jimmy Salt driving it forward on the skins, and the rhythm section is complete. The icing on the cake is provided by Annie Avery with the Hammond organ and bona fide Leslie speaker. Now put in front Eddie White, with vocals extraordinaire and ancillary percussion, and the sound is absolutely Genuine Blues. When this team gets together, there's an engaged and excited audience always crying for more.

Mozart Effect

The Local Bar 206 Jarvis Street, Whitehorse

Grooving originals and covers for a fun night, tickets on sale online.

Live Ryan McNally

The Local Bar 206 Jarvis Street, Whitehorse

Ryan McNally live at the local bar in Whitehorse. What's Up Yukon is the number one place to discover Yukon Events