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Back to school? Not for Me

As the summer comes to an end, I reflect on my first day as a homeschooler. It marked the day of a wonderful beginning of a new chapter.

Back to School in Haiti

As September chills the air, whether with excitement or dismay, kids in Whitehorse turn their attention towards the new school year. Half way across the world, and minus the frost, Haitian youth are thinking about heading to school, as well. With the help of Yukoner Morgan Wienberg, who is based in Haiti, I was able …

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Back to School: Public

I go to a school called Robert Service School in Dawson City. I know it’s common, but going back to school is a feeling you get when you go and buy school supplies and new school clothes. When I first started school I was clueless to the fact that it was going to be much …

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Back to School: What Kids Say

What they were looking forward to, and who was the happiest about their return to school—themselves, their parents, or their teachers.

Poetry reciter Andre Sutherland Begin

Sam McGee Connects The Yukon to B.C.

“Memorizing poetry is my daily training and therapy,” B.C. storyteller Andre Sutherland Begin said, adding he will be coming to the Yukon…

Three Skills Canada competitors

Skills Canada Electrician

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, whether it’s something as small as Lego or as large as a building…

The Battle at the Mad Trapper Bar

Northerners; we tell stories. Our northern stories are our wealth & our identity. They are about independent, hardy people full of character.

Parenting in a Pandemic

Having my kids home all day isn’t a new thing, as I was a stay-at-home parent for the last six years of my life. But being home all day with my kids while simultaneously watching the world fall apart around us is a new thing, however.

Muskrat season

In the delta, March meant one thing—muskrat trapping season was open. And trapped muskrat pelts fetched damned near $2.50 apiece back in 1976.

Stand up for Stephen McGovern

On March 9, Yukon comic Stephen McGovern will be gearing up to take the stage at the Just for Laughs Northwest comedy festival in Vancouver. The 10-day event beginning March 1 offers a wide variety of shows that highlight Canadian and international comedy. McGovern makes his Just for Laughs debut performing in The Outsiders Comedy show, which …

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A conversation with Bruno Bourdache

There are about 600 NGOs in the Yukon. They need at least three to four board members, and they are all volunteers. So yes, in the Yukon, we cannot be as dynamic or strong as we are without volunteers.

The Heart of a Queen

When Telek Rogan decided to run for Rendezvous Queen in the 2017 Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous competition, she did so as a celebration of who she had become. Talking with me about it, Rogan has no problem articulating the changes that have shaped her. “I’ve done a lot of transitioning in my life. I became a …

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What Happened to the Kids?

I have Marie write out her full name for me. ‘Achtymichuk.’ It’s Ukrainian, where her dad is from.  I compliment her on her beautiful handwriting. We have this interview in the store where Marie is a manager, we were interrupted by staff a few times. Marie is needed! Marie’s parents started  the business in 2006, …

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Journeys That Open the Heart

Whitehorse musician and adventurer Thorin Loeks is off on another journey. On June 4th, Loeks started to hitchhike from his home just outside of Whitehorse up to Dawson City where began a cycling trip. His initial plan was to bicycle south to Montana. There, he was going to switch his bike for a paddle, and …

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Claire the Bartender

If you’ve ever been to Lizards Lounge in the Town and Mountain Hotel on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ve seen Claire Mechan. She’s been behind the bar making your drinks for the last fiveand-a-half years. “It’s my identifier in Whitehorse,” Mechan says. “I go into Walmart and people say, ‘It’s Claire the bartender!’” But …

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Up Ghost River Without a Paddle

When Edmund Metatawabin’s (Ed) residential school memoir, Up Ghost River, jumped off the new-books shelf of the Yukon Public Library and landed in my book bag on top of Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, I was tempted to blow my whistle and send him to the penalty box for obstruction. I was hunting for some …

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Living in the Yukon, people want to enjoy summer to the fullest, “summer” being those 14 to 21 days randomly sprinkled across June, July, and August. Gardeners are no different.The perception of many is that a long, hot summer brings an abundance of produce normally grown in hot houses down south. In truth though, a scorching summer …

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Safety First. Always

When Whitehorse students go back to school on August 25, many of them will be meeting Peggy Hanifan for the first time. Many others will have spent hundreds of hours with her already, but they won’t call her Peggy. To them, she is School Bus Driver. Hanifan has spent 14 years transporting students to and …

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Salt of the Yukon

Dwayne and Nellie Backstrom might never be listed in the pages of The Colourful Five Percent; I don’t think they would care to be. But 2014’s Sourdough Rendezvous’ Mr. And Mrs. Yukon have a more meaningful legacy. In their own quiet way, they are quintessential Yukoners — understated, hard working, and full of love for …

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Carving an Impression in Whitehorse

Angel Hall has only recently started coming into Peggy Hanifan’s Whitewater Wednesday Jam Night at Flipper’s Pub, but she’s already making an impression. She stands tall and confident at the mike and captures the crowd with a unique guitar style and quirky songs, including The Mothership, a surf-rock song she’s recording for Yukon Women In …

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Tomatoes: The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few

One sunny August afternoon, I walked into our “Tomato” greenhouse only to find my husband, Frank, yielding a machete (OK, a large knife) chopping off the tops of all the tomato plants. Positive that the heat finally got to him and he’s gone berserk, I yelled: “What the heck are you doing?” The long rows …

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Artrepreneur: Art Investigates Illustration

Cathleen Collins has taken some of the strategies used in illustration and has pushed them through acrylic paint to create a show that’s well worth seeing. Exploring Illustration at the Chocolate Claim is Collins’ first show. The young artist has been working for the summer at Arts Underground. She’ll go back to school in the …

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Gallant Talent

At 17, Calvin Laveck is a remarkable singer, dancer and musician. All these gifts, however, have not gone to his head, and his attitude is one of gratitude. He is a true gentleman performer and a role model for young male dancers. As we sit at Umbellula on the River, sipping our hot chocolates, I …

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Fit ‘n’ Healthy: Getting S.M.A.R.T. About Fitness

Kids are going back to school … maybe you’re an empty nester … or maybe you are a summer outdoor enthusiast. Well, it’s fall time and with the fall comes time to re-set your schedule and, with it, your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. We have discussed goal setting a few times over the last …

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From Welding Class to LA

If all the people who have played at Whitewater Wednesday Night Jam, Dan Halen has the coolest name. And it’s his real name. “Write me a cheque and we’ll find out,” the finger-picking blues/jazz guitarist and onetime Trapper Dan jokes with me over matcha lattes. Originally from Winnipeg, Halen got interested in music while working …

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Happy New Year, Universe!

How does everybody feel going into 2012? And you Mayan calendar devotees can just zip it right now. You’re still gonna have to get up for work next December 22nd. Got it? Honestly, I’m pretty darn excited. This is going to be an amazing time in human discovery and achievement. The Voyager 1 just left …

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Finding Her New Voice

When Caroline Drury-Márkos last performed at the Yukon Arts Centre, she was a jazz crooner with the popular Peter Drury Trio. When she returns next week to kick off the Whitehorse Concerts 2011-12 season, it will be as an opera singer. Although she studied voice with Barbara Chamberlin as a teenager, and took a few …

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Playwright Sherry MacDonald shares her secrets to the creative process

Sherry MacDonald, the newest writer-in-residence at Dawson City’s Berton House, has a place secured in heaven. “There’s a special place in heaven for single moms who have raised three boys,” she says. MacDonald is a playwright and her plays have been seen on stages in Vancouver, Calgary, and Florida. Her sons are now grown and …

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That Summer in Elsa

One morning in the mess hall, the man sitting across from me took a sip and—as much to himself as anyone else—said, “I think this is my last cup of coffee here.” By the time I’d finished my shift underground, he was gone, his musing over caffeine his only goodbye. Lots of people left Elsa …

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Youth in Style

This fall, back-to-school fashion trends I like for girls are racer back tank tops, lacy back T-shirts, and hair up in a ponytail with feather earrings (like Selena Gomez wears her hair in a scene in her music video “Hit the Lights”). Fashion I like for boys are high tops, hats and cool T-shirts. I …

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A Little Off the Top: Prepping for Those First Days

Exciting. But also terrifying. That’s how Paula Thompson sums up her feelings about the beginning of a new school year. She could be referring to what many students go through as summer wanes and the classroom beckons—whether it’s for the first time or something they’ve gone through several times already. “It’s one of those interesting …

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Skateboarding Through ‘The Horse’

Jorden Murray had an unusual motive for moving to the Yukon: he came to Whitehorse to skateboard. Murray’s skateboarding has inspired him to travel and live in many different parts of the country. Originally from Salmon Arm, BC, he moved to Whitehorse in January 2007, but “little pieces of me remain scattered around western Canada,” …

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